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Heads or Tails is the first episode of season 3 of Disenchantment and the 41th episode overall. It premiered on September 1, 2023.


Queen Dagmar interrogates the Dreamland townsfolk to find out who's hiding Bad Bean's body. Meanwhile, Luci reconnects with his estranged father.


Picking up where the previous episode left off, Satan is actually shocked Dagmar killed Bean. Dagmar however claims she does not need Bean anymore for her plans now that she has Bad Bean. However, to do that she first has to restore Bad Bean to life by reunited her decapitated head and body.

Outside the room, Elfo, Luci, Bunty and Mop Girl overhear Dagmar talking and plan to hide Bad Bean’s body from her. While Bunty takes care of this task, Elfo refuses to believe Bean is actually dead and dives into the ocean to search for her. His attempts prove futile however. Saddened by the loss of his friend, Elfo retreats to his room, only to find that Bunty hid Bad Bean’s body there.

The following morning, Satan and Dagmar announce to the people of Dreamland that they are the new rulers. Dagmar announces that she wants Bad Bean’s body back, and will stop at nothing to get it. She plans to question everybody that she suspects knows more about the missing body, and begins with Bunty, Elfo, Mop Girl, Luci and Merkimer.

Meanwhile, Bean has been rescued from the ocean by Mora and the two are now hiding in an underwater cave. Bean is happy to know for sure that Mora is real after all. Mora tries to convince Bean that they could elope and start a new life elsewhere now that everybody thinks she’s dead, but Bean wants to stop Dagmar and save Dreamland first.

In the castle, Bunty, Elfo, Mop Girl, Luci and Merkimer are waiting to be interrogated. Satan volunteers to interrogate Luci while Dagmar questions the others one by one. Despite her threats of torture, she doesn’t get any useful information out of most of them (and Elfo secretly likes how she hits his rear end with her whip). Luci meanwhile is given quite a warm welcome by Satan, who provides him with liquor and a comfortable chair. Satan reveals why; Luci is his son. Satan hopes Luci will side with him after hearing this news, but Luci instead tries to bond with his father by showing him a scrapbook about his life, much to Satan’s dismay.

While all of this is happening in Dreamland, in Steamland’s P.T. Freak Show Jasper finds out that his mom Ursula is still alive but a captive in the show like him, while Prince Derek bonds with P.T.’s son Petey.

When it is Merkimer’s turn for interrogation, he easily breaks and reveals Bad Bean’s body is in Elfo’s room. She fetches Satan to help her get it. Mop Girl overhears them and warns Elfo. They hurry to beat Dagmar to Elfo’s room, and actually manage to get there earlier due to Mop Girl knowing all the secret passages in the castle and Dagmar being stalled by Vip and Vap. They can’t get Bad Bean’s body out of the room in time however, so when Dagmar arrives Elfo and Mop Girl lie down on Elfo’s bed and pretend to be in the middle of making out. They thus obscure the body from Dagmar’s view, and cause Dagmar to leave in disgust.

After Mop Girl also leaves, Elfo sits on his bed and begins to lament to Bad Bean’s body how he should have appreciated Bean more for the friend that she was. At that moment, Bean herself returns to the castle and enters through the window of Elfo’s room. The two friends happily embrace.


  • Revelations made in this episode:
    • Satan reveals that he is Luci’s father.
    • It is revealed that Stan gives the decapitated corpses of his victims to Fred the dog food maker.
    • Luci reveals he invented the banjo and liver & onions as torture instruments.
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