Hell (or the underworld) is the home of all demons. It also serves as the afterlife for deceased mortals who committed many sins in life. Luci often recalled how he and other demons punished and tortured damned souls in Hell. In Hell, it is often said that "hope's for dopes", likely because the place is hopeless and so is escape.

According to Luci, most writers end up in Hell, possibly because they are alcoholics. He also claimed that they feed lemons to children in Hell, and that they have only one genre of theater productions, which are the same kind of interactive plays performed in the Dankmire Children's Theatre.

Hell likely has schooling and education, as Luci was a communications major and he always wanted to be in the entertainment business, meaning he probably had the opportunity.

It is not yet known or confirmed if Hell's counterpart, Heaven (or the demons' counterparts, angels), exist in this show's universe, though it seems a likely possibility.