The Herald is a recurring character in Disenchantment. He is a messenger who announces the latest news and events around Dreamland.


The Herald has dark skin, black hair and pointy moustache. He dresses in a brown tunic bearing the Coat of Arms of Zog, a khaki under shirt, red pants with turquoise tights and black shoes.


He is affiliated with Dreamland, and works for King Zog. He announces arrivals, tells time and updates on news.


He may not like the king as he once made fun of his weight.


The Herald: 4 o'clock and all is well! Actually "well" is a bit of an over-statement - "acceptable" is more like it - if you consider death, disease and rampant poverty acceptable." (S01E03)

King Zog: You stole stuff from our dead family? I don't even know what to yell at you. You take it...
The Herald: Why you! I oughta! If I weren't so fat I'd -
King Zog: Shaddup! (S01E03)

The Herald: Hear ye, hear ye! The return of King Zog is imminent. Please do not shoot the messenger...anymore. (S01E04)
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