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I Hear Your Noggin, But You Can't Come In is the fourth episode of season 3 of Disenchantment and the 44th episode overall. It premiered on September 1, 2023.


Zøg, Bean and Mora search for a way into the Freak Show to free Derek, Bear Boy and Freckles. Then, Elfo and the crew elude a persistent Bad Bean.


Steamland subplot[]

At P.T. Freak Show, P.T. McGee receives a phonecall from Alva Gunderson that Bean might be on his way to him. P.T. is looking forward to this as he plans to make Bean, Mora and King Zøg into attractions in his show. Unbeknown to him, Bean, Mora and Zøg are already at Pier 33, plotting to rescue Prince Derek, Jasper and Freckles. To stand a better chance, they steal Alva's electrofish submarine and park it under the pier as a getaway vehicle. Bean and Zøg wil rescue the freaks, Mora will wait in the sub for all of them to get there and then sail away.

Bean and Zøg thus sneak into the freakshow, where P.T. is just waking up Petey for slop bucket duty. P.T. catches Bean and Zøg in the act and draws a gun, but Petey knocks him out with a bucket, having enough of his father's horrible treatment. Bean and Zøg take P.T.'s keys and begin to free all the freaks (except for the Racist Antelope, who rather stays where he is). While freeing the freaks, Zøg discovers Odval and Ursula are also in the freakshow, and he happily reunites with his lover. The moment is ruined when P.T. wakes up and fires at Zøg. Bean orders the last freaks to go for the sub while she stays behind to help her father.

P.T. fortunately missed and is now wrestling Zøg for the gun. When P.T. gets the upperhand and pins Zøg down, Bean tries to threaten P.T. with her magic, but has trouble summoning any lightning. When she finally unleashes a lightning bold, it shatters an aquarium and frees the walrus that was inside, which lands on top of P.T. Zøg and Bean run from the Freakshow and into the Dreamland dark ride. P.T. follows them and tries to shoot them down, but ends up hitting an animatronic devil, causing it to drop it's pitchfork, which in turn knocks P.T. out of his cart. This gives Zøg and Bean enough of a head start to reach the hot air balloon from the pier. They untie the balloon and fly away with it, knocking P.T. out with a sand bag when he tries to shoot them down. From the submarine, Mora watches them leave. Bean orders her to go to Dreamland with the freaks as planned and meet up there. Only problem is the balloon cannot be steered so Bean and Zøg have no idea where they're going. And worse, Freckles has stowed away on board the balloon.

Dreamland subplot[]

In Dreamland, Elfo is still on the run from Bad Bean's reanimated body, who keeps relentlessly pursuiing him. According to Mop Girl, the body is likely angry at Elfo for his part in Bad Bean getting decapitated. Elfo, Mop Girl and Luci try to hide from Bad Bean in Jerry's room, but she finds them anyway and kills Jerry in the process by snapping his neck. Jerry once again ends up in heaven with God.

Elfo, Mop Girl and Luci desperately try to get rid of Bad Bean. They trick her into climbing into a cannon and plan to shoot her into the ocean, but the soldiers manning the cannon inadvertently aim it upwards so Bad Bean only flies to Heavan and falls right back to the same place she started. Next, they lure her into the Little Seizures Poison Shop and stuff her body with various potions, but this does not stop her and only causes her to shoot fire from her neck. Next, they use a trail of beer bottles to lure Bad Bean to the river. She falls in and plunges down the waterfall to the ocean below, but this again fails to do any damage and she keeps coming. In a final attempt, Elfo, Mop Girl and Luci rally the citizens of Dreamland into a mob to hunt Bad Bean down, but Bad Bean simply hides among them and goes unnoticed until the crowd has left.

In the castle, Queen Dagmar has found Bean's old music box, and with it she is able to lure Bad Bean's body to her. It works, and Bad Bean turns her attention from Elfo to the castle. Elfo follows her to the throne room. Once Dagmar has reunited with Bad Bean, she calls for Elfo, revealing she knew all along he was there. Dagmar begins to gloat to Elfo how she wants him to be there for her ultimate plan, because he is partly responsible for her being here at all; had he not died back in "To Thine Own Elf Be True", Bean likely wouldn't have had the means to revive Dagmar. As Dagmar is enjoying her speech, Luci slips into the throne room and steals Bad Bean's head, thus once again throwing a spanner in the works for Dagmar.

Elfo pretends not to care about what Dagmar said, but as soon as he has left the throne room, he realizes she was right about everything she said about him. Luci only makes the situation worse when he reminds Elfo that they stil don't know who shot him, and that his murderer is still out there.

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