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Jasper Grunkwitz is a young Selkie as well as the natural son of Ursula and King Zøg and younger half-brother of Queen Bean and Prince Derek.


Ursula became pregnant with Jasper during her stay at the Dreamland Castle. After she returned to the forest, Ursula kept her son's existence a secret and raised him like a normal bear cub until a lonely Zøg went looking for her and Ursula told him about Jasper. Even after the two spent time together and Ursula went missing and was presumed to have died in a forest fire, Zøg was reluctant to take care of Jasper but ultimately gave in and brought him back to Dreamland, where he was welcomed by Bean but not so much by Derek, with whom he had a rather rough start. The half-brothers grew closer however when they discovered they both liked to throw Elfo down the stairs.

Jasper was later sent to school along with Derek and Bean's uncle Jerry, despite the younger boys' objections.

After Freckles tricks Jasper into thinking he killed one of the Elf bullies that were bothering him and Derek, he follows Freckles advise to run away from home. He, Derek and Freckles thus end up in Steamland, where Freckles reveals he lured them there so he could sell thme to P.T. McGee as exhibits for his Freakshow. Freckles himself also ends up captured by P.T. and all three are locked up in the Freakshow.

While in the Freakshow, Jasper learns his mother is still alive and also a captive in the Freakshow. Jasper and the others are eventually rescued from the Freak Show by Bean and Zøg, and steal the Electrofish to travel back to Dreamland. After the Electrofish floods and sinks, Jasper, along with the other freaks are rescued by Oona.

During the The Battle of Falling Water, Jasper along with many others fights Dagmar's army.

After Dagmar's final defeat, Zøg steps down as king and goes to live in the Enchanted Forest with Ursula and Jasper. When they are last seen, Japser is a teenager.


Jasper is a young, male bear cub with messy red fur the same color as his father's hair, large brown eyes and long, sharp claws and fangs. Despite looking like normal bear he does resemble his father, especially when he frowns. As he ages, he becomes larger, resembling more like a normal bear.


Jasper is short-tempered and shown to be jealous as with Derek. He can be shown to be emotional, when he thought Ursula had died. He seems to enjoy the pain of others, laughing at Zøg after throwing pinecones at his head, and throwing Elfo down the stairs. He even states to Derek "If we work together, we can hurt people much more than we can by ourselves". Jasper seems to be shy at times, not talking to Zøg when they first met, and initially hiding from Bean when Zøg introduces him to her.



Ursula is Jasper's mother, with whom he apparently has a good relationship with his mother and Jasper was very upset when he thought Ursula had died. He ends up living with Ursula after they move to the Enchanted Forest.

King Zøg[]

Zøg is Jasper's father, and he has a pretty good relationship for him despite only recently meeting him. Jasper seems to be somewhat annoyed by Zøg at times, like when he told Zøg that "he doesn't shut up", and when running away, saying nothing but "so long fatso". He ends up living with Zøg after they move to the Enchanted Forest.

Queen Bean[]

As of now, Bean and Jasper seem to have a unknown relationship, due to the fact the only real interaction Jasper made with Bean was asking her if she was "some kind of giant squirrel". Jasper still appears to care about Bean, Considering she helped save him from the Freak Show.

Prince Derek[]

Derek is Jasper's paternal older half-brother. Jasper and Derek had a rough start due to Derek's jealousy over having to share everything, including his bed, with Jasper and the two engaged in a sibling rivalry until they bonded their mutual love for throwing Elfo downstairs among other things.


"Are you some kinda giant squirrel?"

"What's a board?"

"Well, you never shut up."

"Papa, where are you going?"

"You may only be my half-brother, but I kind of like hanging out with that half."

"If we work together, we can hurt people much more than we can by ourselves."

"Mama, I thought you burnt to a crisp! I cried like an idiot."

"Hey watch it! If I had my pinecones here, you'd be sorry."

"Help! I'm too lazy to swim!"


Season 2 part 1[]

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Season 3[]


  • It is unknown if Jasper can take off his bear skin and assume a human form like his mother can.
  • Jasper's last name is likely Grunkwitz, taking after Zøg, his father.
  • Jasper says "Where'd you grow up, a cave? Apparently not." Signifying he was likely raised in a cave.
  • Jasper appears in Part 3, Episode 8: Hey, Pig Spender, but doesn't show up as a significant character until Season 4, Episode 7: The Unbearable Lightning of Bean. This was likely to foreshadow his future appearance as a character.
  • As his mother mentioned that she mated with ordinary bears before meeting his father, it's possible that Jasper has maternal half-siblings too.
  • In Part 4, Episode 7, Ursula states Jasper is "extremely flammable".