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Jerry is the youngest brother of Queen Dagmar, Becky and Cloyd as well as the maternal uncle of Bean. He was born in Maru, but later defects to join Bean in Dreamland after he returns from Heaven.


Jerry is an adult male with a husky build similar to his brother Cloyd. He has a shaved head that has several noticeable puncture wounds. He wears a blue open vest with no shirt, along with light green pants and a studded collar around his neck. He doesn't wear shoes.

In Heaven, Jerry wore a long white robe with his same studded collar.


Jerry is Maruvian like his siblings Dagmar, Becky, and Cloyd. He is treated like a servant by his family due to his mental defect, which was caused by him trying to wear the Ritual crown and suffering brain damage. Dagmar states that this made him a permanent ten year old in "The Disenchantress".

When Bean arrived in Maru, he was friendly and helpful towards his niece. He released her from her imprisonment in her room and wearing her robes and took her place in the ceremony. When his ploy was revealed, he attempted to destroy the Oracle Fire to stop their family from tracking her down but was killed by his sister Dagmar who hit him in the head with a pick. While the wound was fatal, he survived long enough to incapacitate Dagmar and save Bean before dying.

Elfo later saw Jerry in Heaven. God told Jerry all the pain he endured in life was to make him stronger and Jerry said that made God a sick bastard. Despite having great disdain for God, he is God's favorite and often sits in his lap or hand.

Jerry is seen again in "Love is Hell" when Luci arrives in Heaven. At Luci's urging, God allows Jerry to return to Earth in order to save Bean from being stuck in Hell, and Luci accompanies him. After reuniting with Bean in Hell, he escapes to Dreamland with her and is given his own room in Dreamland Castle.

In "I Hear Your Noggin, But You Can't Come In" he is killed again, this time when Bad Bean twists his neck. And like last time, Jerry thus ends up in Heaven. From there, he witnesses Dagmar putting her final plan into motion to get her hands on the magic of Dreamland, and repeatedly calls out God for not intervering. When Luci is also killed and send to heaven while Dagmar is seemingly going to end up victorious, Jerry has enough and throws a brick at God, shattering God's ligthbulb head and seemingly killing him. This plunges the entire universe into darkness. With Luci's help, Jerry is eventually able to restore God with a spare lightbulb. God forgives Jerry for what he did and allows him to stay in heaven. He is last seen there at the end of "Goodbye Bean", meaning his death is permanent this time around.


Jerry is a simpleton but nevertheless a friendly person. Though he is often subject to ridicule and bullying from his siblings and others due to a mental disability that impacts his speech, balance, and cognitive thinking. He is gullible and is easily anxious when under pressure. He would often spend most of his time at Maru trying to crush ants with a hammer, but was unsuccessful since he couldn't predict where the ants were going. However, he is surprisingly good at keeping secrets and retaining information, as he was aware of the secret prophecy room in the Maru castle, and had an understanding of how to use the Oracle Fire.

Jerry often tolerated poor treatment from Becky and Cloyd due to a lack of self-confidence, but after becoming friends with Bean, he started to stand up for himself and gained a strong sense of justice. He helped Bean with her plan to escape Maru, and sacrificed himself to help her save Elfo from Hell. While in Heaven, he would often become angry at God for allowing people like him to be mistreated on Earth.


  • Jerry might have recovered from his brain trauma in heaven, as he is noticeably less dense while there and can even point out God's hypocrisy.
    • This could show that the trauma is connected to his body.