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Jerry is the youngest brother of Queen Dagmar, Becky and Cloyd as well as the maternal uncle of Bean, who was always treated as a servant by his elder siblings due to his mental disability.


He wore the Crown during a ritual as a child and suffered puncture wounds to his head that left him with severe brain damage. As such, according to Dagmar, he is a permanent ten-year-old.

Despite being allowed into the room holding the Oracle Fire, he has no idea what they are planning as they refuse to tell him.

When Bean arrived in Maru, he was friendly and helpful towards his niece. He released her from her imprisonment in her room and wearing her robes and took her place in the ceremony. When his ploy was revealed, he attempted to destroy the Oracle Fire to stop their family from tracking her down but was killed by his sister Dagmar who hit him in the head with a pick and while the wound was fatal, he survived long enough to attack his sister and save his niece before dying.

Elfo later saw Jerry in Heaven. God told Jerry all the pain he endured in life was to make him stronger and Jerry said that made God a sick bastard.

He reappears at the end of the first part of season 2, always alongside God, when Luci is sent to Heaven after his death.


  • Jerry might have recovered from his brain Trauma in heaven, as he is noticeably less dense and can even point out God's hypocrisy.