Junior was the only survivor of a deadly battle between armies of ogres and gnomes. He ended up being blinded in both eyes, once by a gnome in combat, and the other by Elfo accidentally.


As seen in the trailer, the grammatical giant has quite pale skin, and is fully exposed except for a loincloth to decently cover himself. The ogre has a severe underbite, which is in contrast to the severe overbite of many of the show's characters. He has two large fangs, which could be more akin to short tusks in size. He has fairly large ears, a bald, sloped cranium and an ear piercing. His eyes (which are accompanied by a thick brow overlying them) have daggers stuck inside of them, because Elfo accidentally stabbed him during the Gnome-Ogre conflict he became entangled in. This lack of sight may explain why he smells fear, rather than notices it on the facial features of his likely victim. The orc has giant arms for his size ending with equally bulky fists. Similarly to Elfo, this ogre has a snout rather than a nose.

Altercations with the Main Cast

He followed the group to the Washmaster's Lair where he occupied the elevator, effectively preventing them from using it. This definitely lead to Bean's decision to virtually commit suicide by dropping off of the cliffside, though this is debatable as she may have believed that at least one of her two companions were magic. They all survived.

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