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Junior is an ogre. He is the son of Queen Grogda and King Brock, and the younger half-brother of Elfo.


As seen in the trailer, the grammatical giant has quite pale skin, and is fully exposed except for a loincloth to decently cover himself. The ogre has a severe underbite, which is in contrast to the severe overbite of many of the show's characters.

He has two large fangs, which could be more akin to short tusks in size. He has fairly large ears, a bald, sloped cranium and an ear piercing.

His eyes (which are accompanied by a thick brow overlying them) have daggers stuck inside of them, because Elfo accidentally stabbed him during a Gnome-Ogre conflict he became entangled in. These daggers cannot be removed since doing so causes severe bleeding. Junior is thus effectively blind. This lack of sight may explain why he smells fear, rather than notices it on the facial features of his likely victim.

The ogre has giant arms for his size ending with equally bulky fists. Similarly to Elfo, this ogre has a snout rather than a nose. Despite the fact that he has daggers in both eyes that doesn't seem to incapacitate him in any way since he acts like any other Ogre.


When first seen in "A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk Into a Bar", Junior is the only survivor of a deadly battle between armies of ogres and gnomes. He ended up being blinded in both eyes, once by a gnome in combat, and the other by Elfo accidentally.

He is seen again when Elfo and Bean visit Ogreland in search for a cure for the plague that is killing the Elves in Dreamland. They thus learn that junior is the son of the King and Queen of the Ogres.

In "Bean Falls Down", Junior leads the Ogre army to Dreamland to capture Elfo, but he and his warriors are initially pushed back by the efforts of the inhabitants of Dreamland and the Trøgs. Seeing that the Ogre army only wanted Elfo, Rulo and Odval try to catapult Elfo out of the castle but fail and Elfo stays in the castle with help from his friends as well as the Trøgs. When the Ogres keep coming however, Elfo decides to sacrifice himself for his friends safety and jumps out a window, landing straight on Junior's arms. Once Elfo is in their hands, the Ogres leave Dreamland.

In "The Good, The Bad, and the Bum-Bum", Junior brings the captured Elfo to Ogreland, where Elfo learns from the Queen that she is his mother, which makes Junior Elfo's half-brother. Elfo and Junior are forced by the king to fight to the death in the arena. During the fight, Junior is constantly berated by his father, making it clear the King has no love for his son. Elfo actually manages to get the upper hand over Junior, trapping him in vines, but refuses to kill him. Angry at Junior's loss, the King openly disowns him as his son. Junior however sides with Elfo and throw his mace away in an act of defiance, but in doing so he ends up hitting and killing the King, much to the joy of the other Ogres. Even Junior himself admits he feels happy this happened.

With the king dead, Grogda and Pops resume their relationship with Elfo and Junior as their sons.

In "Darkness Falls", Junior leads a group of Ogres to come to the aid of Bean and Dreamland in their battle against Queen Dagmar, only to learn the fight is already over. Bean instead asks them to guard the Crystal Cavern, but Satan easily hypnotizes the Ogres into leaving their post.

Junior is last seen attending the wedding of Pops and Grogda, during which Tess starts flirting with him.