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Rulo is the King of the Elves, previous ruler of the Kingdom of Elfwood and up until the evens of "Goodbye Bean" the ruler of Elf Alley, a client-kingdom of Dreamland. He is the father of Kissy.


The Elf King wears a green robe with yellow cuffs, a purple cape with a golden clasp with a teal gem in the center of it. He also has a large crown of gold and purple with red gemstones inlaid into it. He wields a wooden staff with a large glass sphere at the top, similar to a mages staff. Elf King's hair is white and he has a large uni-brow.


The Elf King seems to have a no nonsense personality. He sentences Elfo to death for defiling his daughter, an act that seems to be done by many elves in Elfwood. Elf King does however offer to forgive Elfo if he swears to obey the Jolly Code.


Rulo has been king of the Elves since an unknown point prior to the start of the series.

He is one of the few Elves who still remembers that Elfwood is not the ELves' original home, but that they used to have a different kingdom. At some point before the first episode, he send the elf Leavo to find this lost kingdom.

In "A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk Into a Bar", he finds Elfo and Kissy in bed together and, with it seemingly not being the first time, sentences Elfo to death by hanging at the Gumdrop Tree. Elfo survives however since he is too light to hang, and escapes to the outside world, leaving Elfwood.

In "To Thine Own Elf Be True", Rulo is seen during the Invasion of Elfwood, which is repelled by the Elves.

In "The Very Thing", Leavo agrees to help King Zøg convince Rulo to have the Elves donate their blood for the Eternity Pendant so the people of Dreamland, who had all been petrified by Queen Dagmar, can be brought back to life. Rulo at first refuses, even when Zøg appears before him as a prisoner, but when Leavo tells Rulo that he may have found the lost kingdom of the Elves in Dreamland, Rulo agrees. Under his leadership, all the Elves leave Elfwood and settle in Elf Alley, which becomes a client-kingdom of Dreamland.

Over the course of the series, Rulo eventually discovers Dreamland is indeed the lost kingdom of the Elves, but due to the curse that rests on the House of Grunkwitz he is reluctant to simply take back Dreamland Castle by force. In "Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Spy", he requests Bean to hand over the castle to them, but she refuses. Later in the episode, he leads the Elves in a war with the Trøgs to conquer the magic in the caves under the castle, but agree to a truce when it is discovered Elves and Trøg are actually the same species.

After Dagmar and Satan take over Dreamland, Rulo and his Elves join the rebellion started by Miri and Elfo. They participate in the fight outside the Crystal Cavern. In this fight, Rulo is severely injured, and brought to Oona's ship. Fearing he will not survive, Rulo states he wishes to die in a Dreamland under Elf rule. This wish is about to come true when Bean defeats Dagmar and steps down as Queen, giving the crown of Dreamland to Rulo. Rulo has changed his mind however and now wants to die in Elfwood, so he makes Miri the new queen. He is then carried away and not seen again. It is unknown if he died sometime after this or if he somehow recovered.


As King of Elfwood, Elf King commands the knights and commonfolk. He is the father of Kissy.