Rulo is the King of the Elves, previous ruler of the Kingdom of Elfwood and current ruler of Elf Alley, a client-kingdom of Dreamland. He is the father of Kissy.


The Elf King wears a green robe with yellow cuffs, a purple cape with a golden clasp with a teal gem in the center of it. He also has a large crown of gold and purple with red gemstones inlaid into it. He wields a wooden staff with a large glass sphere at the top, similar to a mages staff. Elf King's hair is white and he has a large uni-brow.


The Elf King seems to have a no nonsense personality. He sentences Elfo to death for defiling his daughter, an act that seems to be done by many elves in Elfwood. Elf King does however offer to forgive Elfo if he swears to obey the Jolly Code.


He finds Elfo and Kissy in bed together and, with it seemingly not being the first time, sentences Elfo to death by hanging at the Gumdrop Tree.


As King of Elfwood, Elf King commands the knights and commonfolk.

He is the father of Kissy.


  • He is the only one who knows why Leavo leaves Elfwood. And since Leavo is seeking a thing that holds the destiny of the elves, it is possible that Leavo actually doing the secret mission from the King.
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