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"Boys, this where a dad gives his sons words of encouragement. Yøg, you're perfect.Zøg, try not to disapoint me this time."

Xøg to his sons, The Pitter-Patter of Little Feet

King Xøg was the father of King Yøg and King Zøg, the ex-father-in-law of Queen Dagmar and Queen Oona, and the paternal grandfather of Queen Bean, Derek, and Jasper.


He wears a green crown with gold tips and edges. It is adorned with violet gemstones. The top has an antenna like the crown of Zøg. He had a face similar to his son. He had dark brown hair and a dark brown beard. He wears a green and gold robe with a green gem on it.


Xøg was presumably the son of Wog, the previous king of Dreamland. He possibly became the King of Dreamland after his father's death, he married Bee-Baw and they had two sons Yøg and Zøg. It is also known that Pendergast's father died serving him in the war of Dreamland against Dankmire. The war ended when his son King Zøg married Princess Oona of Dankmire after his fist wife death, Dagmar. Possibly after his own death his elder son Yøg was crowned king. Later his life was recorded in The Royal Log From Agøgg to Zøg: A Secret History of the Kings of Dreamland, but the last few pages (starting with King Trøg) were ripped out, including his own.


Season 2[]

Part 1[]

  1. Bean Falls Down

Part 2[]

  1. The Pitter-Patter of Little Feet