Kissandra (or Kissy) is a female elf and daughter of the Elf King.


Kissy is a light pink skinned Elf. She wears a purple dress and has very red lipstick equipped. She has black hair with a turquoise bow.


She is a promiscuous girl who has seemingly 'tummy touched' a few people in Elfwood.


Kissy is the daughter of the Elf King, and is therefore an elf princess. As her name suggests, she is a bit of a kisser. When she protests to her father that he cannot just kill everyone she kisses, he says he can, causing every elf surrounding him takes a step back - including at least one female elf. This suggests she is not just polyamorous, but bi-curious as well. Since her father feels he can kill anyone who kisses her, this may explain why she cannot "go all the way" - as it is forbidden -preferring to kiss instead. Her exes include Luci, Elfo, Smoocho, Rhymo, Petey, Seamus, Cliff and his brother, and the Garden boys


Once Kissy and Elfo arrived at the end of Elfwood she remarked that, "I've never said this before, but I can't go all the way". This is a double entendre meaning she can't leave Elfwood (as it's forbidden by her father) and she can't have sex (as that too is forbidden by her father).

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