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Kissandra (or Kissy) is a female elf and daughter of the Elf King.


Kissy is a light pink skinned Elf. She wears a purple dress and has very red lipstick equipped. She has black hair with a turquoise bow.


She is a promiscuous girl who has seemingly tummy touched a few people in Elfwood.


Kissy is the daughter of the Elf King, and is therefore an elf princess. As her name suggests, she is a bit of a kisser. When she protests to her father that he cannot just kill everyone she kisses, he says he can, causing every elf surrounding him takes a step back - including at least one female elf. This suggests she is not just polyamorous, but bi-curious as well. Since her father feels he can kill anyone who kisses her, this may explain why she cannot go all the way - as it is forbidden -preferring to kiss instead. Her exes include Shrimpo, Bounco, Luci, Elfo, Smoocho, Rhymo, Petey, Seamus, Cliff and his brother, and The Garden Boys.


  • Once Kissy and Elfo arrived at the end of Elfwood she remarked that, I've never said this before, but I can't go all the way. This is a double entendre meaning she can't leave Elfwood (as it's forbidden by her father) and she can't have sex (as that too is forbidden by her father).
  • Kissy was voiced by Jeny Batten who was uncredited.