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This unnamed Man is a recurring character throughout the series. He is first seen in "Castle Party Massacre".

He always appears leaning out of the window of his house, and in all of his scenes he calls attention to the nature of the show, recurring tropes, and the lack of clear rules of how the supernatural in the world of Disenchantment works; an act known in trope terminology as lampshade hanging. A running gag is that everytime his rant is ultimately cut short by him getting hit by a flaming arrow or meeting another bad fate, which for unexplained reasons never sticks as he simply appears again in a later episode, no worse for the wear.

Apperances and quotes[]

He first appears in "Castle Party Massacre", when he ends up arguing with the Land Vikings as they try to park their ship on his lawn, which cumulates in the man complaining how the world he lives in needs more clear rules on what can and cannot be done:

Man: Hey! You can't park on my lawn!
Viking: My flaming arrow says I can.
Man: You've got a talking flaming arrow?
Viking: What? No, it's just a regular arrow.
Man: Well I'm sorry. Things get confusing in a world with occasional magic and curses, and while I am a fan of such worlds, I just feel some more clearly set out rules for what can and cannot happen would help- (gets shot) erghhh.

He reappears in "Beanie Get Your Gun" during the scene where Derek steps down as king after Bean and King Zøg return alive and well despite being believed to be death. He calls attention to the fact that people rarely stay dead in Dreamland:

"Excuse me, but is anyone else bothered by the rules of this world? I mean, people get turned to stone or burned alive, and the next thing you know they're walking around, no harm, no foul. I mean, I myself was shot with a flaming arrow--" (gets shot again).

In "Heads or Tails", when Queen Dagmar introduces herself and Satan as the new rulers, the man points how it usually takes over a year for a new season of the show to come out due to the long production time animation needs, and that it can be hard for fans to keep track of all the plotlines due to these waits:

"It seems like we have to wait a year or more for each new development around here. How can you expect us to even remember what's going on after such a long delay? You're keeping me waiting right now..." (gets shot)

In "The Stience of Homemade Lightning", when he spots Dagmar, the headless body of Bad Bean and some soldiers chase after the head of Bad Bean (which has been taken by Vip and Vap), he goes into the nature of the show again:

"Really? A bodiless head? Well, I suppose no more ridiculous than that headless body chasing it down the street. Frankly, to live in a world with a full moon every night, owls who tell time by bashing into a church bell, and I don't know how many characters who just won't stay dead..." (gets shot)

His final appearance is in "Goodbye Bean", where he draws attention to the way he dies in all of his appearances, and several of the shows plotholes:

"Excuse me, but may I make a final comment without getting shot in the face by a mysterious arrow? While I find your merry little storybook shenanigans mildly diverting, I feel obligated to express my disapproval of the many plot holes, disturbing characters, and jokes I plain don't get. Not only that, you resolve way too many scenes with ridiculous, gratuitously violent out-of-the-blue..." (gets hit on the head by the brick that God dropped from Heaven earlier.