Land Viking Ship

Vikings parking their landship in the streets of Dreamland.

The Land Vikings are a ruthless army of bandits and marauders. They are similar to real-life Vikings, except they roam and pillage only on dry land instead of in the high seas. They travel around in giant wheeled vehicles that resemble longboats.

Sven was a leader (Regional Manager) of a group of Land Vikings that invaded Dreamland when Bean was throwing a party in the Dreamland Castle. Sven wanted to spend the night by crashing the party and having sex with the princess, until he was made aware that they (possibly) had the Elixir of Life; and so the Vikings massacred the party guests and tried to take over Dreamland, while being misled into believing they will gain immortality. Bean, Elfo, and Luci defeated the Vikings by sending them falling down a trapdoor into the ocean, killing them in the process.

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