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Leavo and King Rulo discover the lost kingdom of the Elves.

Leavo is a recurring character in Disenchantment. He is an Elf who left Elfwood before the start of the series to seek out the lost homeland of the Elves on orders of King Rulo. He is the only known elf besides Elfo and Returno to leave Elfwood before all the elves leave in "The Very Thing".


Leavo is first mentioned in "A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk Into a Bar", implied to be a social pariah for leaving his village behind. He was married once, but when he left Elfwood, his wife married Speako. The children he had with her won't speak to him anymore.

In his first appearance in "The Very Thing", it is revealed that he is the captain of a pirate crew. His crew picks up Queen Oona, and she quickly becomes his first mate when she proves herself a capable pirate. Together they go to Dreamland and offer King Zøg the Eternity Pendant to restore all the petrified inhabitants of the kingdom in return for treasure. When Leavo and Elfo search the catacombs below Dreamland Castle, Leavo finds evidence that he may have discovered the lost kingdom of the Elves. He thus decides to stay in Dreamland, and entrusts his captainship to Oona. He then offers King Zøg to help him convince the Elves of Elfwood to donate their blood to make the Eternity Pendant work. On his request, Zøg allows himself to be put in chains and brought to Elfwood as a prisoner so he can apologize for ordering the Invasion of Elfwood. When Leavo tells Rulo what he found, Rulo agrees, and the Elves all move to Elf Alley.

In "You're the Bean", Bean, Elfo and Luci encounter him as a prisoner in the dungeons of Trøgtown. When they succesfully escape, Leavo declines the chance to come with Bean as he has to keep searching the subteranean tunnels.

In "Love is Hell", Rulo and Leavo are certain that Dreamland is indeed the lost kingdom of the Elves, and finally share this information with all the other Elves.

In "Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Spy", Leavo turns into a Trøg after drinking the Sacred Goo (which he believes is the magic he has been looking for all these years), when it is confirmed that all Trøgs are Elves. This confirms that Elves and Trøgs are actually the same species. While Elfo congratualtes Leavo for uniting the two species in this manner, Leavo declares he wasted his life, as his decades long search has lead to just this. Rulo tries to cheer him up, but ultimately comes to the conclusion that yes, Leavo did waste his life.

The rest of the series he makes a few small appearances - once in "The Goo-Bye Girl", and once in "Heads or Tails".


Leavo is an older elf, possibly around Rulo's age. Like all elves, he is three feet tall. He has bluish skin, long grey hair that's pulled back into a low ponytail, and pointy ears. He has two gold earrings in one of his ears. He wears a black hat, a blue shirt, a green coat with a tear in one sleeve, brown pants, and black pointy boots.

After turning into a Trøg, Leavo's appearance changes to resemble the other Trøgs, losing all of his hair, his eyes becoming large dark holes with small white pupils, and having big nostrils and ear holes. His outfit and voice remain the same.


Leavo is noticeably gruffer and more serious than most other elves, given his long years of adventure. He is solitary by nature and doesn't sing or spend much time with any of his crew on his pirate ship, nor any of the elves. However, he is a good leader and also has several similarities with the rest of the elves, such as a love for candy.


  • Much like Pops and Elfo, Leavo seems to have a thing for big women. When he sees how Oona leads, he jokes that she's one woman he wouldn't Leave-o.
  • He apparently tried to write a romance novel, but it went nowhere.