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Disenchantment was initially ordered in a twenty episode batch which was broken into two ten-episode installments, Part One and Part Two, comprising season 1.

Parts One and Two of season 2 will be released in 2020 and 2021, respectively.[1][2]

Season 1

Part One

The first ten-episode installment was released on August 17, 2018.

No. Title Card Title Prod.code
1 Disenchantment - S01E01 - A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk Into a Bar (Title Card) "A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk Into a Bar" 1DNT01
Princess Bean already has the wedding day blues when a mysterious figure arrives, claiming he's her personal demon. Elfo hates his happy homeland.
2 Disenchantment - S01E02 - For Whom the Pig Oinks (Title Card) "For Whom The Pig Oinks" 1DNT02
How to get rid of an unwanted fiance? Bean's plan involves a party barge and mermaids. King Zog tries to make Elfo's blood into an immortality potion.
3 Disenchantment - S01E03 - The Princess of Darkness (Title Card) "The Princess Of Darkness" 1DNT04
Sorcerio declares that demonic possession is behind Bean's drunken exploits-- and things look dicey for Luci when the king hires an eerie exorcist.
4 Disenchantment - S01E04 - Castle Party Massacre (Title Card) "Castle Party Massacre" 1DNT05
With the king sick and away, Bean throws a wild party while Odval and Sorcerio gather their secret society for a ritual. But the night takes a surprising turn.
5 Disenchantment - S01E05 - Faster, Princess! Kill! Kill! (Title Card) "Faster, Princess! Kill! Kill!" 1DNT06
Banished from the castle by Zog, Bean tries to work but has trouble keeping a job while meeting with Gwen who is cursed. Elfo encounters a bizarre pair of siblings living in a candy house.
6 Disenchantment - S01E06 - Swamp and Circumstance (Title Card) "Swamp And Circumstance" 1DNT03
Bean tries her hand at diplomacy after King Zog makes her ambassador to Dankmire, Queen Oona's kingdom, and an important ally for Dreamland. But after Luci spikes Bean's drink. Her extreme drunkenness angers Dankmire.
7 Disenchantment - S01E07 - Love's Tender Rampage (Title Card) "Love's Tender Rampage" 1DNT07
Elfo lies to hide his feelings for Bean, but things get complicated when she tries to help him by sending the knights on a quest.
8 Disenchantment - S01E08 - The Limits of Immortality (Title Card) "The Limits of Immortality" 1DNT08
Elfo's been kidnapped! Bean, Luci, Sorcerio and the knights search for him, along with a magical pendant needed to complete the immortality potion.
9 Disenchantment - S01E09 - To Thine Own Elf Be True (Title Card) "To Thine Own Elf Be True" 1DNT09
After he learns a surprising secret about himself, Elfo heads home to Elfwood in search of the truth.
10 Disenchantment - S01E10 - Dreamland Falls (Title Card) "Dreamland Falls" 1DNT10
As Dreamland celebrates an unexpected arrival while saying goodbye to a friend, everyday life is thrown into disarray.

Part Two

The second ten-episode installment was released on September 20, 2019.

No. Title Card Title Prod.code
11 Disenchantment - S01E11 - The Disenchantress (Title Card) "The Disenchantress" 1DNT11
Bean travels with Dagmar to her homeland, Maru, where she rescues an old friend and learns of a mysterious prophecy she's expected to fulfill.
12 Disenchantment - S01E12 - Stairway to Hell (Title Card) "Stairway to Hell" 1DNT12
Bean and Luci concoct a plan to resurrect Elfo. But he'll have to meet them in hell -- if he can get there. Zøg discovers a friend in frozen Dreamland.
13 Disenchantment - S01E13 - The Very Thing (Title Card) "The Very Thing" 1DNT13
Bean and her friends return to Dreamland but don't receive a warm welcome from Zøg. Oona inspires a lackluster band of pirates who rescue her at sea.
14 Disenchantment - S01E14 - The Lonely Heart is a Hunter (Title Card) "The Lonely Heart is a Hunter" 1DNT14
Bean dreams about her mother and finds mystical Maruvian symbols around the castle. Zøg falls for an unusual woman he meets in the enchanted forest.
15 Disenchantment - S01E15 - Our Bodies, Our Elves (Title Card) "Our Bodies, Our Elves" 1DNT15
With a health crisis in Elf Alley, Bean and Elfo make a dangerous journey to find an ancient cure while Luci scams sick elves at his new clinic.
16 Disenchantment - S01E16 - The Dreamland Job (Title Card) "The Dreamland Job" 1DNT16
Learning that the elves are starving because of Zøg's excessive taxes, Bean plans a heist with a passing band of circus performers to recover the money.
17 Disenchantment - S01E17 - Love's Slimy Embrace (Title Card) "Love's Slimy Embrace" 1DNT17
Despondent because Bean dislikes him and his mother is away Derek makes friends with a slimy creature. Zøg tries to contact a rich man's disease.
18 Disenchantment - S01E18 - In Her Own Write (Title Card) "In Her Own Write" 1DNT18
While Zøg refuses to face his feelings about Dagmar's betrayal, Bean writes to deal with her pain. But she faces obstacles to sharing her work.
19 Disenchantment - S01E19 - The Electric Princess "The Electric Princess" 1DNT19
When a scientific man appears in Dreamland, he's regarded with suspicion. But Bean helps him escape and travels with him to a wondrous steampunk city.
20 Disenchantment - S01E20 - Tiabeanie Falls (Title Card) "Tiabeanie Falls" 1DNT20
With King Zøg incapacitated, Odval makes a power play, assisted by the Arch-Druidess. Luci and Elfo try to help Bean.

Season 2

Part One

The first installment will release in 2020.[2]

Part Two

  • TBA




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