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Love's Slimy Embrace is the seventh episode of Part 2 of the Disenchantment series. It is the seventeenth episode overall. It premiered on September 20, 2019.


Despondent because Bean dislikes him and his mother is away, Derek makes friends with a slimy creature. Zøg tries to contract a rich man's disease.


After being told by King Zøg that he is expecting a guest and he wants everyone to make themselves presentable for dinner, Bean, Elfo and Luci abandon the castle for Luci's Inferno. They refuse Derek's repeated pleas to let him join them. When he says that he gets lonely, Bean tells him to go find a friend. In the pub, Bean tells Elfo that she doesn't want to be a jerk to Derek, but she's brought it out in her, even since he was born. She recalls his birth from an egg and how he got to do all of the cool things that she wanted to do, like swordplay and horse-riding. She says she knows it's not his fault, but she wishes he would die.

Outside, Derek watches the group having fun in the pub. He declares he'll walk to the sea and drown, then recalls that he's amphibian. Sitting on a rock at the edge of the water, he addresses his lost mother, saying he wishes she was there. He tells her that he doesn't even know if he wants to be king, but can't talk to anyone about it.

At dinner at the palace, Zøg admits to his guest, the Duke of Twinkletown, that Queen Oona won't be joining them, as she's run off to become a pirate, and that Queen Dagmar tried to murder him. He boasts of being the "wealthiest man in the kingdom," but the Duke is not impressed. As the Duke leaves, Zøg notices he is limping. When asked about it, the Duke admits he has gout, which he claims is a "disease of successful kings" and a sign that you are important in society. Impressed, Zøg consults with Sorcerio, who tells him what gout is. Zøg thus becomes determined to catch gout himself, despite Sorcerio's warning that it could prove fatal.

Bean, Elfo and Luci exit the pub, Elfo commenting that Derek looks lonely. Bean is dismissive, saying that Derek simply thinks he's got it rough because his mom works, which is nothing compared to what she had to endure with Dagmar. Meanwhile, at the beach, Derek notics the water glows with jellyfish. Then a small, one-eyed octopus rises to the surface. Derek immediately takes a liking to the octopus and decides to make him his friend, naming him Slimy. After Derek puts Slimy back into the water and promises to come back the next day, he sees how Slimy catches and eats a whole seagull. Back in the castle tower, Sorcerio claims he can't help Zøg get sick as it goes against the oat he took as a wizard. Luci however overhears the conversation and immedietly offers Zøg his services. Zøg agrees.

Elfo, feeling sorry for Derek, visits him in his room. Derek tells Elfo he does have a friend now. Elfo initially assumes Derek is talking about an imaginary friend and pretends to play along, but Derek tells him this friend is real and offers to introduce Elfo to him. They use a hidden door behind Dereks's dresser to sneak out of the castle, but slip when descending the stairs and bump into a wall. This causes the wall to partly break and reveal a hidden room behind it filled with amphoras. They take one with them to the beach. Once they reach the tide pool Derek tries to summon Slimy by feeding him the strange pink goo that was inside the amphora. When Slimy shows up, he is notably bigger than last time. Elfo is unnerved to see Slimy is an octopus. Now that his friends know each other, Derek challenges Elfo to a pretend-swordplay with sticks. Elfo wins and takes Derek as his prisoner, but Slimy sees everything and, unaware that it was all a game, thinks Derek is in actual danger.

Back inside the castle, Luci loads Zøg up with savories to get him ill. He even goes so far as to inject eggs directly in to Zøg's arm. All the effords pay off as soon Zøg becomes obese and develops the gout he wanted. Luci then invites the Duke over again so Zøg can show him his swollen toe. The Duke is impressed by Zøg's gout and recognizes Zøg as his superior. When Zøg however asks to see the Duke's toe, the Duke comments that nobody told him about the next stage of gout; his foot has been amputated, a fate no doubt also in store for Zøg. As the Duke leaves Zøg's room, he bumps into a large octopus tentacle.

In Dereks room, Derek and Elfo are still playing make-belief, which Bean considers a new low for Elfo. Then they hear the Duke screaming and when they investigate, they find his corpse with a large hole in the chest. Sorcerio claims that he was killed with an octopus. Elfo suggests that Zøg could help them catch it as the greatest warrior of all time, only to find out Zøg is no longer in any shape to fight. Meanwhile, Slimy nearly kills one of the castle guards by pulling him down a manhole. Another guard is seized in a dungeon by Slimy. Then Slimy reaches for Derek and drags him out of the castle and down the tide pool. Bean and Elfo follow him. They brave the depths of the water and emerge in a cavern. Slimy is there, now huge and fast asleep, and so is Derek. The cave is also filled with bones of Slimy's other victims. Bean creates a slapdash ladder from these bones so she, Derek and Elfo can reach a hole in the ceiling to escape. Unfortunately, one of the bones breaks, waking Slimy.

Bean, Elfo and Derek run from Slimy's cave. They are noticed by the Barge Captain who comes to their aid in a dingy. Sadly, before they can safely row back to the party barge, Slimy appears and destroys the ship, killing the crew. Bean quickly rows the dingy away now that Slimy is distracted. They make it safely back to the beach, where Elfo, Bean and Derek head back for the castle. The Barge captain stays behind to read his book inside the dingy, but doesn't get to enjoy it for long as Slimy pulls him and the dingy under.



Derek: "Off to ye olde pub, are we, gents?"
Bean: "No."
Elfo: "No."
Luci: "Scram!"
Bean: "Raise the drawbridge!"

Bean: "Making friends is easy; just walk around and pretend you're not irritating."
Derek: "But I am irrita- [Bean slams the door in Derek's face] Aw."
Derek: "Not all of us can find an elf that wants to have sex with them!"

King Zøg: "I've got a gut."
Duke of Twinkletown: "But you haven't got gout."
Zøg: "I could get it!"
Duke: "That I doubt."
Zøg: "Get out!"
Duke: "Call me when you've got gout."



  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Sacred Goo, though it is not identified as such yet.
  • In Medieval Times, gout really was known as "the nobleman's disease" since only nobles could afford to eat all the fatty organ meats and drink tons of alcohol in large quantities, which are causes of gout.


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