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Love's Slimy Embrace is the seventh episode of Part 2 of the Disenchantment series. It is the seventeenth episode overall. It premiered on September 20, 2019.


Despondent because Bean dislikes him and his mother is away, Derek makes friends with a slimy creature. Zøg tries to contract a rich man's disease.


After being told to make themselves presentable for dinner, Bean, Elfo and Luci abandon the castle for Luci's Inferno. They refuse Derek's repeated pleas to join them. When he says that he gets lonely, Bean tells him to go find a friend. In the pub, Bean tells Elfo that she doesn't want to be a jerk to Derek, but she's brought it out in her, even since he was born. She recalls his birth from an egg and how he got to do all of the cool things that she wanted to do, like swordplay and horse-riding. She says she knows it's not his fault, but she wishes he would die.

Outside, Derek watches the group having fun in the pub. He declares he'll walk to the sea and drown, then recalls that he's amphibian. Sitting on a rock at the edge of the water, he addresses his lost mother, saying he wishes she was there. He tells her that he doesn't even know if he wants to be king, but can't talk to anyone about it. He says he misses his egg.

At dinner at the palace, Zøg admits to the Duke of Twinkletown that Queen Dagmar won't be joining them, as she's run off to become a pirate, but then backpedals and claims she tried to murder him. He boasts of being the "wealthiest man in the kingdom," but the Duke replies that he's never associated wealth with him. He leaves, limping, and when Zøg asks about it, he tells him that he suffers from gout, a "disease of successful kings." He tells Zøg that "a plump, disease-riddled body is a sign you've made it in society." Zøg consults with Sorcerio, who tells him what gout is. Zøg says he's going to help him catch it, despite Sorcerio's warning that it could prove fatal.

Bean, Elfo and Luci exit the pub, Elfo commenting that Derek looks lonely. Bean is dismissive, saying that Derek simply thinks he's got it rough because his mom works, which is nothing compared to your mom trying to bolt a crown through your skull. Meanwhile, at the beach, the water glows with jellyfish. An octopus rises to the surface. He picks it up, telling him they'll be best friends. He kisses the creatures and places it back in the water, telling it he'll be back the next day. Back in the castle tower, Zøg complains that Sorcerio couldn't give him the Elixir of Life, saying that he can at least give him a nice disease. Sorcerio tells him he can only use his powers for good. Luci enters, saying that he'll do it. He'd be glad to help a human overindulge to the point of illness. He hands him a bacon-wrapped cigar and Zøg tells him he's hired.

Elfo visits Derek, telling him that he seems lonely without friends and he thought he'd drop by. Derek tells him he does have a friend, asking him if he'd like to meet him. Elfo waves to Derek's invisible friend, but Elfo tells him he's not invisible. He takes him to a hidden stairway out of his room. They arrive down at the beach and Derek tells Elfo to meet Slimy. He pats the water, but only bubbles come forth. Elfo says that Slimy is a one-eyed octopus. He and Derek swordplay with sticks, Elfo taking Derek as his prisoner.

Back inside the castle, Luci loads Zøg up with savories. He tells Zøg if he keeps it up, he'll be gravely ill in no time. Zøg scoffs a long link of sausages and even takes an injection of eggs. Some time later, his foot is bandaged. As Luci tells him he has a visitor, he moans that he's in no shape to see anybody. Luci tells him that it's the Duke of Twinkletown and, pleased, he asks that he be sent in. The Duke sees his swollen toe, calling it the most glorious thing he's ever seen. He asks to touch it, bowing before him. Zøg asks to see his toe, but the Duke comments that nobody told him about the next stage of gout, showing him that his foot has been amputated. You're in for a treat, he tells him.

In Derek's room, Derek is now being held in a pretend prison by Elfo. Bean enters, telling him he was almost cool. Derek replies that he is cool, that he alphabetized his stuffed animals. They hear the Duke screaming. Luci thinks he exploded from gout, but Sorcerio says that he was killed with an octopus. Elfo suggests that Zøg could help them catch it as the greatest warrior of all time, but Zøg groans from his gout. Outside the castle, Slimy nearly pulls a guard down manhole. Another guard is seized in a dungeon by Slimy. Suddenly, Derek is dragged away. At the beach, they discover him being pulled under the water. Bean and Elfo dive in, Bean determined to save him. They brave the depths of the water, Elfo coughing up glowing jellyfish. They find themselves in a cavern, Slimy, now huge, snoring away, and Derek under one of his tentacles. She tells him it's not the way she wanted him to die, but they soon discover that he's not dead. They seek a way out and find a hole in the ceiling. They create a slapdash ladder from bones and climb it, but one of the bones breaks, waking Slimy. They manage to escape and are rescued by the captain of a Party Barge. He boards a canoe and rows them to his barge, only for Slimy to suddenly appear.

Slimy pulls the barge under and the captain says that it's the law of the sea that the captain go down with his ship, then says they don't need to be sticklers about it. Let's just go, he tells them as Slimy sinks his vessel. They row to shore and he leaves them, telling him he has to return a library book. Derek awakes, saying that he thought Bean wanted him dead. Two things can be real, she tells him. The captain starts to read from his book - Chapter 17, Love's Slimy Embrace, and is downed by Slimy.




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