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Love's Tender Rampage is the seventh episode in the Disenchantment series. It premiered on August 17, 2018.


Elfo lies to hide his feelings for Bean, but things get complicated when she tries to help him by sending the knights on a quest.  


After a night out drinking, Bean, Elfo, and Luci pass out in the gutter. Mistaken for dead bodies, they're added to the town's plague pit to be burned. The pit is lit on fire and during the tense and terrifying moment where they think they're about to die, Elfo thinks he's about to kiss Bean. Luckily, Luci finds a conveniently placed ladder before they're burnt to a crisp and the three escape.

Elfo's still disappointed which Luci picks upon. Trying to put on the bravado that he doesn't have feelings for Bean, Elfo begins making up an imaginary girlfriend. Describing her as a huge, one-eyed, redhead.

Bean hallucinates this beauty while passing through an opium den and sends out some knights to retrieve this mysterious girlfriend. Surprisingly, the knights do return with a woman matching the description, though they have her chained up like a beast and she acts aggressively towards everyone else. They send her to the Cheese Den, a dungeon used for cheese storage, and lock Elfo and her inside.

After a disastrous double date with Elfo and the giantess with Bean and the captain of the knights, she reveals her name as Tess. Tess is an intelligent and eloquent person and does not appreciate being treated like an animal. This proves to further complicate Elfo's lie since Tess can just refute their relationship. So, Elfo offers to give her an eye if she goes along with the ruse and accompanies him to a ball that's being thrown in the castle.

Elfo gives her a crystal ball to use as her new eye, and while theoretically, it can see things, it doesn't actually help her much. At the ball, a series of accidents causes Tess to look like a rampaging giant.

A mob forms to chase her down, but Bean and the other two help Tess escape. They lead the mob through the Den of Wonders, the opium place, which makes the gathered people hallucinate and chase after a dragon. The drugs also have Bean and Elfo share a kiss, although that too may have been a hallucination.


Cultural References[]

  • Dogs Playing Poker: During the scene where Bean, Elfo and Luci are on their way to the Den of Wonders they pass a group of dogs playing poker, in an homage to this famous series of paintings.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk (1734): an English fairy tale that appeared as "The Story of Jack Spriggins and the Enchanted Bean". King Zog yells for Tess to  be sent back up "whatever beanstalk she rode in on".
  • Red Light District: part of an an urban area with a concentration of prostitution of sex (or drug) -oriented businesses. The equivalent area in Dreamland is know as the "Black Light District".
  • Blacklight: (or often black light), also referred to as a UV-A light, Wood's lamp, or simply ultraviolet light, is a lamp that emits long-wave (UV-A) ultraviolet light and not much visible light.
  • Lava lamp: the entrance to the Den of Wonders has two large lava lamps either side of it.


  • Twinkletown is mentioned but not not visited. It is probably a reference to Tinseltown (Hollywood).
  • The Den of Wonders, where Bean, Elfo and Luci partake in Bliss, is akin to an opium den.
  • Luci mentions Bean's eyes to be blue, when describing Elfo's crush.


Elfo: "Tess, I'm so sorry about everything."
Tess: "Well, you helped me outta here, so I guess it's cool."
Eldo: "It is?"
Tess: "No! You're a dick! None of this would have happened if you'd just told the truth! God!'"

Pendergast: Turbish, no! Your horse is still alive!
Turbish: (Lets go of arrow in shock) Whaa?!




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