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Love is Hell is the first episode of Part 4 of Disenchantment and the thirty-first episode overall. It premiered on February 9th 2022.


In hell, Bean resists Dagmar's attempts to force her to marry Satan. Meanwhile, Luci plots to flee heaven and Elfo tries to escape from the ogres.


Arriving in Hell, Dagmar takes Bean to a prep room under the false pretence that she needs to touch up her makeup. Bean escapes through the window, but she is caught by her bridesmaids.

God speaks to Luci in Heaven and congratulates him for being the first demon to earn a place in Heaven.

Bean, now back in the prep room, is being made up by Dagmar. When Dagmar goes to get a new lipstick because Bean has swallowed it, Bean gets Luci's head out of the trash can into which Dagmar has thrown Luci's head before. One of Bean's tears drips onto Luci and she seems to be alive again for a limited time. Luci notices that he has no body.

At the same time, the Trøgs find the dead body of Luci in one of their caves. They infuse him with the sacred goo, which brings his body back to life and gives him wings. He escapes from Trøgtown.

In Heaven, God, Jerry and Luci are holding a picnic. Jerry asks God questions again.

The elves are currently holding a secret meeting. King Rulo and Leavo tell the other elves that they have found the very thing and that Dreamland itself is the legendary homeland of the elves. A message that makes Shocko faint. They decide that it is better if the humans do not know that the elves know about Dreamland, which is why they lock Blabbo up. Pops learns that Elfo has been taken away from the Ogres.

Five ogres run through the jungle. One of them carries Elfo in a cage on his back. By a clever trick Elfo can escape the ogres, but he lures them directly to the gnomes. Jerry is able to convince God to send him back to Earth to save Bean. God agrees. Without God's knowledge, Luci sneaks onto Jerry's back and leaves heaven together with Jerry. Bean is talking to Luci's severed but still alive head in hell. Luci tells Bean 'I'm your personal demon, and I'm terrified of you'. After that, he becomes lifeless again

Jerry and Luci land on Earth, and Jerry's soul goes back into his body. Since God thought he was only sending Jerry back, Luci does not end up in his body. Jerry captures Luci's soul with a bottle. Both jump through the entrance to Hell in Maru. Bean gets a visit from Satan. He frees her from the manacles. Bean tries to trick Satan by making him think she finds him attractive. She talks a lot and wants to change his appearance to get on his nerves. Bean asks Satan to go to marriage therapy because of his emotional deficits. Satan's interest wanes. Bean wants eternal monogamy. All these attempts to annoy him should result in him not wanting to marry her anymore. It seems to work, but Dagmar comes back into the room and points out to Satan that Bean is using reverse psychology.

The gnomes are currently fighting the ogres. Elfo takes the opportunity and escapes. Jerry and Luci are now also in Hell, looking for Bean down there. Elfo runs aimlessly through the forest, but he arrives back at the place of origin. To the ogres who transported him.

Bean is now being walked down the aisle by her mother. In the audience sit the people who were killed by Bean; Guysbert, Hansel, Gretel, and Skybert. According to Dagmar, the debt to Hell will finally be paid. To pay the debt, the King of Hell (Satan) must marry the Queen of Dreamland. Bean finds out that Dagmar's manipulation was only meant to make Bean the queen of Dreamland. To sign the contract, both parties must cut their palms with a dagger and sign the contract with a bloody handprint. Dagmar wants to make a cut into Bean's palm but Bean pulls her hand away and Dagmar cuts herself. Bean takes Dagmar's hand and signs the contract with it, making Dagmar the bride of Satan.

The bloody handprints on the contract flow on the altar. A new dress is formed around Dagmar as she becomes Queen of Hell. She orders Bean to be seized by demons. Bean escapes from the church where she meets Jerry and Luci. The demons and Bean's bridesmaids pursue the three. Bean, Jerry and Luci are on their way to another elevator from Hell. Asmodium wants to block their way to the elevator, but Bean slips under his legs. The three have escaped from Hell, but rather than ending up in Dreamland, they end up in Steamland. As it turns out, the three are using Alva's freight elevator.

They see Alva in his office watching a Squalid Squirrel cartoon on a television.

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  • God tosses a coin that says, In me I trust.
  • God has a treasure chest full of coins and jewels behind his throne.
  • You don't need food in Heaven.
  • The banner in front of the church in Hell says: Wedding Today - Theme: Love is Hell. This is also the title of the episode.
  • Other signs: Secret Meeting - You must be this small to enter at the elf meeting.
  • Bean's escape is reminiscent of her escape from the Dreamland church to avoid marrying Merkimer in the episode, A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk Into a Bar.
  • This is the third time Bean is forced into a wedding, being Prince Guysbert, then Prince Merkimer, and now Satan.
  • Gomer tries a lipstick twice.
  • The subtitles incorrectly label Asmodium as Satan.


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