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The School.

Madame Snoot’s Finishing School for Princesses, Duchesses, Viscountesses, and Various Other Royal Types, also known as simply Princess School or Madam Snoot's, is a school for princesses and other noblewomen. It appears in the comic "Mean Bean".

The school is run by the strict Madame Snoot, and focusses on preparing young women of nobility to endure a life of discomfort, overlooked potential and pointlessness with grace and decorum.

The school's motto is "All Snooty All the Time".


The exact location of the school is unknown. It has students from all over the world, including Bentwood, Dankmire, Fairyland and Ogreland. When Bean was send here, she travelled by carriage, implying the school is some distance away from Dreamland.


Besides Madame Snoots, two other unnamed staff members are seen standing behind her when she welcomes the students.

A page detailing the Princess Syllabus for Current Semester lists the following teachers:

  • Madame Snoot's stepsister.
  • The Shoemaker's Elf
  • Mistress of Beautiful Beasts
  • Mistress of Hairdressing


Known students are:

Classes and curricula[]

  • Posture and carriage
  • Comportment and decorum
  • Demure Dress and Deportment
  • Humility and poise
  • Etiquette and Protocol for Princesses
  • Treatment of Servants & Stepsisters.
  • Advanced magic mirror maintenance
  • Glass slippers & glass ceilings: smashing the patriarchy one step at the time.
  • Animal friends: your best housekeepers
  • Hair Combing 101
  • Skin Care for long sleeps.