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Bean using dark magic unconsciously

As befits a near-archetypical European medieval fantasy setting (albeit a spoof of one) magic is widespread in Disenchantment with multiple examples and references to the phenomenon throughout the series' run.


In Dreamland, despite Bean's protests to the contrary, Dreamland is a realm brimming with the fantastical.

In the seat of government Dreamland's Castle, Sorcerio, the court scientist-mage, provides King Zøg, Derek and presumably Bean with advice on both the sciences of occultism as well as that of natural philosophy, in addition to performing research in a small library and laboratory set aside for his exclusive use. Aside from Sorcerio, Bean and Dagmar both have innate magical powers due to the Maruvians' pact with Hell. Mention is also made of a Wizarding school/community college that both Sorcerio and Bentwood's Grindl attended.

Dreamland also has several magical items, like the Crystal ball.

Also, it is alleged by both King Lorenzo of Bentwood and the corporatist owner of Steamland, Alva Gunderson that Dreamland possesses "secret magical resources"; while the populace and leadership are unaware of such things and disbelieve their existence, Dreamland being in actuality the former kingdom of the elves combined with the Sacred Goo made by the residents of Trogtown may lend weight to these seemingly fallacious claims.

However, the true magic of Dreamland is eventually revealed to be locked away in the Crystal Cavern underneath the Castle. This magic is a natural phenomenon, created by a perfect combination of holy water from the tears of Angels falling from Heaven into the Dreamland River, and mixing with infernal steam rising up from Hell. Queen Dagmar's masterplan involved unlocking this magic with help of Bean, which she eventually succeeded in doing in "The Battle of Falling Water". Once the magic was unlocked, it spread through all of Dreamland, affecting the scenery and various inhabitants. A normal mare became Laughing Mare, Sir Pendergast's decapitated head came back to life, and plants began to grow everywhere in Dreamland.

At the end of Goodbye Bean, it is revealed Dreamland now even has the same protective magic as Elfwood, with the whole Kingdom disappearing if the gate to it is closed.

The Enchanted Forest[]

The enchanted forest, as its name indicates, is a forest in which thousands of magical creatures live, being the home of selkies, witches, elves and fairies among other magical beings.


Elfwood is the home of the Elves ever since their kind was banished from Dreamland. The entire land is protected with a magic barrier that causes the land to vanish completely if the only gate to Elfwood is closed. This way, no outsider can enter unless the gate is open. It is unknown how this magic protection was created, as the Elves never replicated it when they moved back to Dreamland and settled in Elf Alley.


Grindl is the resident mage-scientist in Bentwood, and a far more competent one than Sorcerio.


Maru is a kingdom that has very strong magic, mainly because of the pact they made with hell which allowed them to use dark magic drawn from hell.

However, the land used to have a huge source of natural magic that kept Maru lush and green. The Maru Royal House used up all this magic, rendering the land into a desert. After Bean defeated Emperor Cloyd and Becky the Enchantress, closed the stairway to Hell, and extinguised the Oracle Fire, the natural magic returned, restoring Maru to it's former glory.


The common people of Steamland do not have access to any magic to the point that they do not believe it exist. Little do they know, the city was literally founded on magic in the form of diabolical gotten steam through the Gundersons' Infernal bargain with the supernatural demonic denizens of hell. Also, the government administration, such as it is, within a corporate-run state, desires even more through an alliance with Dreamland.


There is no record of Dankmire possessing magic except for its inhabitants who have amphibian physiology.

Magic Users[]


Humans usually have some interest in magic but very few are able to use it, the royal family of Maru were known to have quite accomplished sorcerers, in addition to their offspring always being born with latent magical abilities.

Queen Dagmar, her sister Becky and her daughter Bean have shown very strong magical talent, however Cloyd and Jerry, the only males in the family, did not show such talents, indicating that the inheritance of magic occurs only with women.

The magic they practice usually manifests in the form of black electric rays with reflections that derive from electric blue or blood red.


Although the Elves are never seen using magic themselves, their blood is a highly potent source of magic and can be used in many magic potions. Even half-Elves like Elfo have blood with magic abilities, as a potion created with Elfo's blood turned Prince Merkimer into a pig. Elfblood is the only thing that can complete the Elixir of Life and make the Eternity Pendant work.


The Trøgs created a magical Sacred Goo out of their brains, which has multiple abilities including reanimating dead corpses.

Magical Creatures[]

Magical creatures each and every one of them possess their own type of magic, elves possess blood with healing properties, selkies are capable of shapeshifting, and fairies can fly and create light at will.

Magic Types[]

Dark Magic[]

Dark magic is a very powerful type of magic which draws power from hell, only demons and humans who have made pacts with them are capable of using it.

Dark magic manifests itself as electric rays in the palms of the hands, they are usually enhanced especially by negative feelings such as anger, the stronger the feeling, the stronger the magic.

Natural Magic[]

Natural magic is a type of magic which is more stable and less destructive, all the magical creatures of the enchanted forest have natural magic in their bodies since it is part of them.

Some humans such as witches are capable of using this magic, selkies and fairies have a very strong connection with nature, being the main source of their magical powers.

While dark magic feeds on negative feelings, natural magic feeds on positive feelings as well as balance.