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Queen Mariabeanie was the grandmother of Dagmar, Becky, Cloyd and Jerry, and the maternal great-grandmother of Bean.


Very little is known about her. According to her grandson, Jerry, Queen Mariabeanie was "crazy".

Mariabeanie's granddaughter, Queen Dagmar, named her own daughter Tiabeanie Mariabeanie after Queen Mariabeanie, implying that Dagmar cared about her grandmother or at least felt some form of respect for her.

When Bean and Dagmar return to Maru, Bean finds a room with a portrait of herself fulfilling an unknown prophecy, although Bean soon passes out due to having been drugged at dinner. Her mother, aunt and uncle get rid of the evidence and replace Bean's portrait with Mariabeanie's to make it seem like the room served as a "Shrine Room" dedicated to Mariabeanie.


Queen Mariabeanie has a distinctive look that sets her apart. Her skin is a light tan, and her face showcases a bold set of dark, swirly tattoos or markings on her right cheek and appears to have freckles. These markings seem to have a fluidity, winding down from her temple to her chin. Her eyes are round and bulging. Her pupils are dark, contrasting sharply with the whites of her eyes.

Her silver hair is neatly divided into two sections: the top part is pulled back into a short, spiky arrangement, closely resembling a crown. This spiky design is adorned with small, dark, horn-like extensions that jut outwards. The bottom part of her hair consists of thick, curly sideburns that frame her face and stop just above her shoulders.

At her neck, Queen Mariabeanie wears a thick, ruffled collar that appears to be made of multiple layers of a light gray material. This collar almost envelops her entire neck. Below the collar, she dons a sleeveless, dark red dress speckled with regular, evenly spaced, lighter red polka dots. Front and center on her dress is a bold, circular pendant with a deep orange or amber hue. This pendant is held by a string of beads, colored in alternating shades of blue and white, that encircle her neck. Her arms, which seem robust and strong, are bare and exposed due to her sleeveless dress. The part of the arms that's visible showcases no additional accessories or markings.


  • It is unknown if she was her grandchildren's paternal or maternal grandmother.
  • Dagmar said that she and her siblings like to burn incense in her memory, although it is unknown if this is actually true or Dagmar just lied to cover up that the Prophecy Fullfilment Center was dedicated to Bean and the prophecy she was meant to fulfil.
  • Since Dagmar and (presumably) Cloyd and Becky seemed to respect their grandmother, it is possible that Mariabeanie was just as evil and cunning as her grandchildren.
  • Mariabeanie is the only one of Bean's maternal ancestors with a known name.
  • Mariabeanie bears a striking resemblace to her great-granddaughter Bean as they both have the same face, freckles and buck teeth.