Maru is a neighbouring island kingdom to Cremorrah in Disenchantment. It is separated from mainland by the sea of Dreamland.


The Maruvians grew jealous of the Cremorrian snake-based economy, as their own economy depended on mice, so they went to war on Cremorrah.

Maru had no armies so they used dark magic to create a potion that would turn the entire city to stone.

Maruvian magic is also responsible for sending Luci to Bean in order to turn her to the darkness and fulfil their wicked scheme: to destroy Dreamland.


Map large - Maru

Maru in relation to Cremorrah and Dreamland

Separated from the mainland by the sea of Dreamland and lying beyond both Mermaid Island and Walrus Island, Maruis adjacent to the island kingdom of Cremorrah




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