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Maru is a desert empire neighboring the abandoned city-state of Cremorrah. It is located across the ocean from Dreamland. It is once a lush kingdom that became a barren wasteland thanks to Bean's maternal family making a deal with hell to gain magical powers but after Bean kicked them out of the kingdom, the local plant flourish again.


Maru has an architecture that is a pastiche of Ancient Mesopotamian and Ottoman, and their sound motif is Arabic, giving them a generic "foreign Middle East" feel to them. Their naming conventions however are rather mundanely English, not to mention that the Maruvian people all have English accents.


Maru used to be a lush and green place full of natural magic, until the current Royal Family took over and squeezed all the magic ouf of the land before turning to Hell for even more power. It is what has made Maru into the desert it is when first seen in the show. Only a small oasis of the old Maru remains, guarded and maintained by Prudence and the Crones.

The Maruvians at some point grew jealous of the Cremorran snake-based economy, as their own economy depended on mice, so they went to war on Cremorrah. However, Maru had no armies so they used dark magic to create a potion that would turn the entire city to stone. Wiping them out in one blow. It is later revealed that the source of their dark magic came from Maru's bargain with Hell.

Maruvian magic is also responsible for sending Luci to Bean in order to turn her to the darkness and fulfil their wicked scheme, to destroy Dreamland.

Maru Royal House[]

The former Royal Family seemed to suffer a curse of madness and paranoia that runs deep in the family. Jerry explained to Bean that some past family members murder their parents, tried to drown their grandchildren while one married a duck among other things.


Map large - Maru

Maru in relation to Cremorrah and Dreamland.

Separated from the mainland by the sea of Dreamland and lying beyond both Mermaid Island and Walrus Island, Maru's adjacent to the island kingdom of Cremorrah


  • Bean described Maru as being a whole different of bleak and desperate tan Dreamland.
  • Queen Dagmar described Maru as having real beauty and magic in it and that one should look out for rabid goat and unsalted pretzels.
  • Maru is based on ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Middle East.
  • The hereditary madness that runs in the Maruvian Royal Family is based on Targaryen madness of House Targaryen from Game of Thrones.
  • The city of Maru also has very similar design to Meereen, the greatest city of Slaver's Bay in Game of Thrones.
  • The population of Maru is made up of both humans and monstrous creatures called Goons.
    • Some of the Goons resemble Maleficent's henchmen from Walt Disney's animated film Sleeping Beauty.
  • Have not known anything from the origins of the Goons but we can see in the season 4 that it is possible to transform a human into Goon thanks to the mummified hands that the royal family of Maru keeps, it's possible that the goons who live in Maru are humans transformed in the same way.