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Maru Royal Family

The Royal Family's last known members: Emperor Cloyd, Queen Dagmar, Princess Rebecca Becky, Prince Jerry and Princess Tiabeanie Bean.

The Maru Royal House, also known as The Royal Family of Maru, was the imperial family of Maru. The family suffered from some kind of curse that made the monarchs go insane with the main symptoms being paranoia, hallucinations and murder. The Royal family also owed a long overdue debt to Hell, which was most likely what brought the curse upon the family.


The land of Maru was once lush and green, but after the current Royal Family took over, they gradually corrupted the land by squeezing all the natural magic out of it, and then made a deal with Satan for more power. Because of this, there is a staircase that leads directly from the Royal Palace to Hell itself, and Maru has become a large desert.

Over the years, the family curse has driven it's carriers to do things like marrying ducks, murder or attempt to murder their own relatives among other things. The curse's first symptoms start to manifest at an early age. When the then princess Dagmar was only nineteen years old, she murdered her own parents for unknown reasons.

At some point, the royal family discovered a prophecy that would help them pay off the debt; the prophecy involved a member of the royal family conceiving a child and for said child to have a crown screwed on its head.

Ancestors of Maru Royal House.

Since Princess Becky the Enchantress and Queen Dagmar stated if the child can bear the crown the family's destiny will be secured and their fame and fortune will be restored. Queen Dagmar, Princess Becky and the then Prince Cloyd tried to screw the crown into their youngest brother Jerry's head, who was only ten years old at the time, although it didn't work and left Jerry with permanent brain damage and his older siblings started treating him as a servant or slave.

Dagmar took it upon herself to get another child by marrying the King Zog of Dreamland and conceiving their first and only daughter, the princess Tiabeanie Mariabeanie, also known as "Bean", whom Dagmar named after her own grandmother, the late Queen Mariabeanie.

When Bean was only four years old, Dagmar attempted to turn Zog into stone in order to take her daughter

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back with her to Maru so that Bean can fulfill the prophecy. Unfortunately, Dagmar's plan failed when she ended up drinking from the wine glass that she had poisoned due to Bean accidentally switching the glasses and Dagmar ended up turned into stone for the next 15 years, the griefstriken Zog then had Dagmar's petrified body placed in the church and passed it as his wife's memorial while he set out to find the Elixir of Life to revive her.

Meanwhile, Bean grew up in Dreamland and was raised mainly by her nanny, Bunty and had a complicated relationship with her father due to him not giving her enough attention as well as him getting married for the second time to the Dankmirian Princess Oona, leading to Prince Derek's birth, Bean's half-brother and heir to the throne of Dreamland, who Bean strongly resented. As Bean grew into adolescence, she never showed any signs of having inherited the family curse.

After narrowly escaping two arranged marriages at the age of nineteen, Bean managed to persuade her father into letting her to live her life the way she wanted accompanied by her friends Elfo and Luci, a demon that her uncles Cloyd and Becky sent to her in order to make their niece follow in her family's footsteps and become evil. Bean's alcoholism and drug abuse (Along with Luci's influence) led to her wreaking havoc in the kingdom, even accidentally causing several people's deaths although unlike her maternal family, Bean was not fond of the idea of killing.

When Bean managed to revive Dagmar using Watcho's blood, Dagmar worked on earning her daughter's trust while secretly resuming her plan to turn everyone in Dreamland into stone, while also picking fights with Queen Oona and by the time Zog found out what Dagmar was doing she managed to escape with Bean and Luci, whom Dagmar had captured in a bottle, to a ship that could take them to Maru.

Notable Members[]


  • Queen Dagmar: Former Queen Consort of Dreamland and Hell. Head of house.
  • Princess Tiabeanie (cognatic member): Queen Dagmar's daughter. Former Queen of Dreamland. Heir of Queen Dagmar.



  • Their surname remains unknown. It might just be "of Maru", similarly to some real dynasties.
  • Queen Dagmar stated that the curse happens to every other generation although it is unknown if this is actually true.
  • All of the family's previous monarchs can be seen wearing the same crown that Dagmar, Cloyd and Becky are tried to screw on Bean's head.
  • One of Bean's ancestors was considered to be crazy because he believed that the Earth was round, which is actually true.