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Maruvians are an nation of humans native to the desert kingdom of Maru.


Notable Maruvians: Becky the Enchantress, Emperor Cloyd and Jerry.


Maruvians are an mysterious and ancient tribe(distinct from the population of Dreamland and Cremorrah), that have specialized with magic for centuries, which originally began as a bargain with Hell for unknown reasons. They have many unpredicted prophecies involving rituals and human sacrifices due to Maru's delayed owe to Hell to pay off the debt .


Maruvians seem to have a different type of behavior, which is not the same as the people of Dreamland have. They are rather selfish, paranoid and manipulative and use others for their goals.

Notable Maruvians[]


  • If Maruvians are indeed humans, they presumably are from a more advanced tribe, distinct from the human population of Dreamland and Cremorrah.