Maruvians are a tribe of humans in Disenchantment. They are named after the city they inhabit, Maru.


Maruvians appear to be humans, with five fingers. The Emperor Cloyd and Enchantress wear elaborate robes of black, purple, crimson and orange. Except Jerry.


They are a mysterious tribe who are successful practitioners of dark magic, unlike the humans of Dreamland (Sorcerio). They appear to have built an great civilisation, similar to that of the Maya, which rivalled they neighbouring great city of Cremorrah, which was similar to Ancient Egypt. They have a mouse-based economy.


They fought a war against the citizens of Cremorrah (Cremorrans) using a potion which turned them to stone.


  • They have as a symbol of a mushroom with a single eye - possibly the symbol of their religion.
  • If they are indeed humans, they are of a more advanced tribe distinct from the humans of Dreamland and Cremorrah.
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