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Mean Bean

Mean Bean is a Disenchantment comic first published in "Disenchantment: Untold Tales Vol. 2". It consists of two parts.


While King Zøg appears in the story, Oona is notably absent. This implies the story is set during season 1, part 2, after Oona and Zøg got a divorce.


Part one: Bean Gets Schooled[]

After Bean spends another night out drinking, to the point that Luci and Elfo have to drag her home in a vegetable cart, Zøg and Odval have had enough. At Odval’s suggestion, Zøg decides to send Bean to Princess school.

Thus, Bean packs her stuff. Elfo and Luci decide to go with her and disguise themselves as princesses. The headmistress of the school, Madame Snoot, isn’t fooled however and kicks Elfo and Luci out of her school. While the two go drinking in a local tavern, Bean struggles through her first day of school. During lunch, she is introduced to her fellow students Princess Petal of Bentwood, Princess Uuuma of Dankmire and Princess Freja of the Land Vikings, who together form a clique of the cool princesses. They let Bean join their group, but insists she needs a makeover.

Part two: Finished[]

The cool princesses take Bean into town and get her a new dress, crown and haircut. Meanwhile, Elfo and Luci are still drinking in the tavern, until the owner realizes they are not actually princesses and kicks them out. Outside, they run into Bean and the cool princesses. Bean, who wants to impress the cool princesses, pretends she does not know Elfo and Luci. Insulted, the two go to a different tavern to continue their drinking spree.

The princesses return to school, but Bean feels bad about how she treated her friends. She also begins to get second thoughts about the cool princesses when she sees how they insult all the other students. Then the cool princesses get into a fight with each other, and when Bean tries to break it up, they all turn on her. That is the last straw for Bean, and she decides to fight back.

Elfo and Luci are also kicked out of the second tavern when the owner sees through their disguises. They return to the school, where they arrive just in time to see Bean kick the three cool princesses out of the gate. Bean decides she is through with the school, changes back into her usual clothes, and decides to go drinking with her true friends again.