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Meet the Filks

Meet the Filks is a Disenchantment comic first published in "Disenchantment: Untold Tales Vol. 2".

The story serves as a framing device for multiple smaller stories.


King Zøg and Queen Oona are both seen attending the Filk Brothers’ show together and Oona is still wearing her crown in that scene, which places the main story at some point during season 1, part 1, before Zøg and Oona got a divorce.

The smaller stories are not canon considering they are tales told by Bean and feature various characters from the show in different roles and situations than usual.


Main story[]

Bean, Elfo and Luci see a poster announcing that The Filk Brothers are coming to town. Bean is excited about this news as the brothers are the best minstrels she knows, but they haven’t played in Dreamland for years due to Zøg banishing them after they upset him. Since Elfo and Luci don’t know what the big deal is, Bean shares some of the stories the Filk Brothers told her.

Unfortunately for Bean, the tickets to the show are all sold out. She tries to use her rank as princess, but the ticket master can’t help her. Elfo reminds Bean that the concert is in Dreamland Castle so they could watch it from their window, but Bean claims that’s not the same. So Luci suggests they try to sneak into the show. To do so they buy a ton of Filk Brothers merchandise to disguise themselves, and pass themselves off as the Filk Brothers’ entourage. Their plan succeeds.

The show opens with a performance by the Pied Piper, but he is booed off the stage. Then the Filk Brothers themselves enter the stage, but their performance is cut short when they deviate from the pre-approved script and once again anger Zøg with their jokes. Zøg sentences them both to death, while the Pied Piper take over the show again and uses his magic music to lure the crowd away to an unknown fate.

Undressed for Success[]

In this story, a king (played by Zøg) is upset with his current attire, so his queen (played by Oona) summons the best clothes designers in the land (played by Odval and Sorcerio). After the king rejects their first creations, the designers convince him to try a birthday suit, which involves the king not wearing any clothes at all. The king fails to realize this until he goes out into the city and is mocked by the people. The king sentences the two designers to death by decapitation, but keeps walking around nude as he feels more comfortable that way.

The Princess & the Peabrain[]

In this story, a lonely prince (played by Prince Guysbert) is having trouble finding a girl. His parents (played by King Lorenzo I and Queen Bunny) think it’s their fault since they didn’t provide their son with a sister to marry. Then one night a girl (played by Bean) claiming to be a princess arrives at the castle, seeking shelter from a storm. The prince and the girl fall in love and want to get married, but the queen first wants to be certain the girls is truly an inbred princess and decides to secretly test her. When the princess goes to sleep, the queen hides a pea under her mattress. When the princess shows up the next morning, claiming she didn’t sleep, the queen is forced to admit the princess is indeed who she claims to be and reluctantly allows her son to marry her, though the princess begins to get second thoughts now that she is sober again. The last panel shows the maid finding empty beer bottles under the princess’ top mattress.

Make way for Duckling?[]

In this story, a mother duck’s eggs hatch and she welcomes her children into the world. From the final egg however hatches a strange looking duckling (played by Luci). Although he looks nothing like her other children, the mother duck immediately declares the strange duckling to be her favorite. The other ducklings however tease their strange sibling for his looks and the fact that he hates water. Then the strange duckling sees his own reflection in the water, and realizes he is no duckling at all. So he eats his siblings and mother.

The Hog prince[]

In this story, which is presented in story book form instead of a comic, a prince (played by Merkimer) is changed into a pig by a witch. He goes to the neighboring kingdom in search of a princess that can break the spell. Once he gets there, he sees how a princess (played by Bean) drops her favorite golden ball in a pond. The prince manages to retrieve the ball from the pond and returns it to the princess’ that night. He asks her for a kiss as a reward for his help. The princess is not surprised about this as the witch cursed a lot of people into pigs that are now seeking a princess’ kiss, but she first wants to get to know the prince better. That night the two find a lot of common ground and the following day the princess kisses the prince, restoring him to human form. However, he is not ready for a relationship and says he and the princess should jus stay friends. The princess thus stays lonely and the prince gets to brag to his friends how he bedded a princess, until he encounters the witch again.

The icy queen[]

In this 1-page story, a prince an princess (played by Emperor Cloyd and Becky invite a third princess (played by Dagmar) to build a snowman, but she mishears their words and thinks they said “stone man”, so she turns her servant (played by Jerry) to stone.

The Shoe’s on the other foot[]

In this story, a poor shoemaker and his wife have only enough material left to make one pair of shoes. When he leaves the leather in his workshop for the night, he finds a finished pair of shoes the following morning, so well made that he is able to sell them for more than the usual asking price. From the extra money the shoemaker buys leather for two shoes, leaves it in his workshop, and finds two pairs of shoes the next day. This process continues, and the shoemaker and his wife eventually get rich, but they do become curious who makes these shoes. When one night they take a look in the workshop, they notice a group of Elves are the mysterious shoemakers. They decide to reward the elves for their help by buying them new clothes. The elves however are insulted by this relatively mundane reward since the shoemaker is now a rich man, and they demand a cut of the profits of the store instead. When the shoemaker refuses, the Elves revolt and take over the shop, kicking out the shoemaker and his wife.