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Mermaid Queen is a mermaid and a supporting character in Disenchantment who first appeared in "The Very Thing" and was last seen in "Last Splash". She is the Queen of Mermaid Island and mother of Mora.


She has a slim body and from waist down, her fish tail is golden yellow that has a green chain with green balls around her waist. She has long, reddish-brown curly hair that hides her chest. She has red lipstick on her lips and a silver crown with three points. Around her neck she wears a necklace with a white shell.


We don't know much about the queen of the mermaids because she has only appeared in two episodes so far. But she is nice, hospitable and kind.


In the episode "The very thing" she first met Bean, Luci and Elfo, who had just been brought back to life. As it turned out, at the end of the first season, Elfo's dead body was washed up on Merrjungenfrauen Island, where they actually wanted to eat him.

They showed themselves to be polite hosts to Bean, Luci and Elfo and spoiled them with exotic drinks and massages. Where the Queen gave Luci a message.

For the second time we see her in the episode "last splash" when her eldest daughter Mora, accompanied by Bean, came back to the mermaids island. Where she held a festival called "We told you so" on the return of Mora.


Season 2 episode 3 : "The Very Thing"

Season 3 episode 6 :"Last Splash"