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Queen Mop Girl Miri is a recurring character in "Disenchantment".

She started as a background character, but gradually got a bigger role as the series progressed, until she was promoted to main character in the show's final season. As of the series finale, "Goodbye Bean", she is the queen of Dreamland and the princess consort of Ogreland as wife of Elfo. Previosly she worked as humble servant of the Dreamland royal family and waitress at The Jittery bar.


Miri is a girl with a slim build and short stature, she has light skin, shaggy light brown hair, and as part of her elven heritage, pointed ears, but these are hidden under her hair most of the time.

She is first seen wearing black clothing with gray pants, a long collared shirt and black shoes, as well as tying her hair in a high ponytail.

In her second outfit she wears only a long worn dark green dress, black shoes and lets her hair down covering one of her eyes.

Miri is rather short compared to other women in the series. She herself claims it's because her growth is stunted due to drinking excess coffee, but with the reveal that she is half-Elf, it is more likely her size is due to her Elf-herritage, as Elves are also shorter than humans. She is however still taller than a full-blood elf, and also taller than Elfo, who himself is an Elf/Ogre hybrid. It is assumed that she is half-human, as she has five fingers.


Very little is known about Miri's childhood or life before the series. She is half-Elf, half-human, but it is unknown which of her parents was which. She was abandoned in the Enchanted Forest as a baby and never knew her parents. She did not know if her pointy ears were because she was an elf or a chihuahua.

Later she managed to survive and by the time she was 23 she already had two jobs, one as a palace mop and the other as a waitress in a nightclub.

As Mop Girl, as everybody calls her, mainly works in Dreamland castle, mopping floors, though in "Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Spy" she admitted to Luci that she is not that good at mopping and most of the time simply pretends to know what she's doing. Due to her years of working in the castle, she knows about all the secret passages and doors. A couple of times in the series, she can be briefly seen sitting on the throne when there is no-one else around. In "The Limits of Immortality", she helped to turn a regular horse into Laughing Horse when she washed the horse's manes with shampoo created by Sorcerio with Elfo's blood. Her second job as waitress is first seen in "In Her Own Write", when Bean encounters her there. It is not immediately clear to Bean or the viewer that Miri the waitress and Mop Girl are the same person, but Bean does think that Miri looks familiar.

In "Bean Falls Down", during the attack of the Ogres on the castle of Dreamland, she manages to keep them at the door by blocking the shutters of the latter with her broom which manages to resist, which makes Bean wonder. Miri answers that her broom is magical, but she doesn’t have time to answer Bean’s last question about whether she would be a witch.

In "Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Spy", she bonds with Luci when the two are tasked with plugging up the tunnels below the Castle. She even comes to his defense when he is captured by Emperor Cloyd and Becky the Enchantress. By wielding Luci as a weapon, Miri is able to drive both villains out of the castle.

After Queen Dagmar and Satan take over Dreamland, and Bean has to go to Steamland with Mora to save King Zøg, Miri joins Elfo and Luci to start a resistance against Dagmar. First they have to hide the decapitated body of Bad Bean so Dagmar cannot revive her. The body is hidden in Elfo's room, but when Dagmar threatens to go look there, Miri helps Elfo get to the room first using the secret passages. They arrive just before Dagmar does. To hide the body from view, Miri and Elfo lie down on Elfo's bed and pretend they're making out, which grosses out Dagmar and she leaves. This is the first sign of Elfo and Miri becoming a couple.

In "Who Shot Elfo?", after Elfo returns from his trip to the past with the Crystal ball, Miri waits for him. The two spend a night in the tower, during which Elfo admits he couldn't prevent his own murder from "To Thine Own Elf Be True" because, as it turns out, the killer was his future self. Miri cheers him up by reminding him there is no such thing as destiny, and Elfo can shape his own future. It is during this conversation that she first admits that she is not human. She also admits that she may be a member of the custodial staff now, but is just biding her time and is secretly studying in hopes of becoming a wizard one day. That night, as they sleep, Elfo first discovers that Miri has pointy ears.

In "The Stience of Homemade Lightning", when it is clear there can be no revolution against Dagmar without a good leader, Elfo encourages Miri to take charge, because as a half-Elf she can unite all the various species of Dreamland. Miri is reluctant, but ultimately steps up to the task. When she reveals her pointy ears, the Elves and Trøgs immediately side with her. In "The Battle of Falling Water", Miri leads her army of revolutionists to aid Bean in her fight with Dagmar's soldiers.

After Mora is killed in battle, Bean becomes too depressed to continue fighting. Thus, Miri, Elfo and Luci confront Dagmar in the Crystal Cavern, but by then she has managed to unlock the magic of Dreamland and is too strong for the three friends to fight. Miri and Elfo are defeated, and Luci is killed. Fortunately, Bean snaps out of her depression and eventually defeats Dagmar.

With Dagmar gone, Bean and Zøg both step down as rulers. Bean gives Dreamland back to the Elves and wants to make Rulo her successor, but Rulo, who had been critically injured, prefers to return to Elfwood and gives Dreamland to Miri. When last seen, Miri is ruling Dreamland, with Elfo as her consort.


  • The book Disenchantment: Untold Tales features a quote from Queen Oona referring to Miri: ...So then Miri the mop girl told me that she overheard Lady Lingonberry talking to Odval about my parenting skills... This is further supported when Miri states she has a job working for self-absorbed people in response to Princess Bean recognizing her.
  • In the subtitles for "Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Spy", her name is written as "Mary".
  • While Miri herself never realizes it, it is revealed that she is also one of the prophesied saviors of the Trøgs when Alva Gunderson's rocket blasts off and the ignition fully uncovers the symbol on the floor in Trøgtown.


Miri: He's dead.

Superviso: "I hereby crown Queen Mop Girl-"
Miri: "Miri."
Superviso: "Queen Mop Girl Miri the first of Dreamland! All hail Queen Mop Girl Miri!"