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Miss Adventure is a boat which appears only once in the series.


It is an old steamboat with two towers from which steam flows. The boat has a mast with two flags on it. One purple and one yellow. There are two lifebuoys on the captain's cabin. The boat is white with a bronze railing. There is a spotlight on top of the ship.

In the captain's cabin there is a map of Steamland, a globe, a coffee machine, a screen, a radio and various levers and buttons. In the engine room there is a wood stove, a bookcase with boat repair books and various wheels.


Bean and Elfo and Mora flee Steamland using Alva's private boat Miss Adventure (Missi). They want to use the boat to get back to Dreamland. There is a technical problem with Missi while driving, but Elfo can fix it.

After Elfo has steered Missi onto the sandbar and Bean fell over the railing, they only bring her back into the water with great difficulty. They scratch the outer shell on a stone lying in the water. Whereupon the ship sinks. It is unclear whether the ship sinks due to the scratch or the collision with the sandbank.


Season three episode six: "Last Splash"


  • Elfo calls her Missi, for short.
  • Elfo was in love with her.