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Sally Moonpence, more commonly known as Miss Moonpence, is a former servant and secretary to the former Prime Minister of Dreamland, Odval and love interest to Merkimer.

She is a talking Pig, but she is usually seen as an eye and several humanesque arms peeking through multiple holes in the wall of Odval's office, covered by sliding wooden square doors spaced around Prime Minister's office, and presumably other parts of the castle. She has a British accent and a calm, almost monotonous voice.

Cultural reference[]

James Bond / Miss Moneypenny: As secretary to Odval, Miss Moonpence is an affectionate parody of Miss Moneypenny from the James Bond franchise.



Odval: I wonder what's for lunch.

Miss Moonpence: Goat-loaf. ... With spring vegetables. ... And gravy. ...... They're out of gravy.

Miss Moonpence: The dragon man's satchel? It's right over here.

Bean: Thanks, but wouldn't Odval object?

Miss Moonpence: He doesn't pay me enough.


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