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Mora is the princess of Mermaid Island, who was a former worker at a Steamland freak show, a former voice actress, and the lover of Queen Bean.


Mora is a voluptuous mermaid in her young adulthood, around Bean's age. She has a rosy skin tone, long, wavy blue hair which covers over her bare chest and a green fish tail, she wears a belt of shells around her hips and a pearl bracelet on each of her wrists, with a light blue hairband.


As a youngster, Mora had big dreams. She decided to bravely travel alone to a foreign country to carry out her ambitions of becoming an popular entertainer, but when she failed at these objectives, eventually gave into to becoming a mere tourist attraction. She seemed to live contently at the freak show despite the prison like conditions and distance from her family, this is perhaps the reasons she took a disliking to Elfo at first for his constant complaining after he moved in. Later on she is shown to be a lesbian, having had a girlfriend and developing romantic feelings for Bean. Mora is also warm, free spirited, romantic, artistic and also a little rebellious considering that she escaped home and did not fulfil what her mother wanted of her, she seems to like being the centre of attention from her life choices. As well as acting and voicing characters, Mora can also make jewellery, sing, and play the ukelele, she also has considerable knowledge in astronomy,


Mora was born as the daughter of the Queen of Mermaid Island. Mora dreamed of becoming a famous actress and decided to travel to Steamland, the most likely place of making her dreams a reality, however she was rejected by producers for not being human enough. After this she found the opportunity to voice a few cartoon characters, at some point she became an exhibit at P.T.'s Freak Show, where she lived in a glass tank, becoming the only known Mermaid in human captivity. It is unknown whether she willingly decided to join the Freak Show or was taken by force (like Elfo), she seemed to accept her fate in the hands of P.T for a while.


Mora appears as one of the exhibits at Steamland's freak show. She spends a little time speaking to Elfo, the newest addition to the Freak Show.

Eventually Bean tracks Elfo down and breaks him free of prison like conditions. Elfo tells her to free everyone else at the Freak Show too, and she complies. Bean smashes Mora's glass water tank allowing her to swim back home. However as Bean and Elfo are on their way to escaping Steamland, Mora unties the boat they were intending to go on named Miss Adventure and joins them on their voyage back home. On the journey back to each character's respective homes, Elfo drives the ship, whilst Mora and Bean, out on deck speak to one another and connect. Mora tells Bean about her former love life and at night shares with her some Mermaid Science, Astronomy and Beliefs. Bean is coaxed to sleep by the mermaids gentle voice and wakes up in the morning, to find the Mermaid gone to her shock. After Elfo crashes the ship onto a beach, Bean falls out and bangs her head on a stone. When she wakes up, Bean is unsure if she is awake or dreaming. She sees Mora in the water, who invites Bean to swim with her and she accepts. Mora takes Bean to her home at Mermaid Island, where Bean meets Mora’s family and friends. After a party is held to welcome Mora home (and rub on her face that she was warned she'd get in trouble by surrounding her and chanting "We told you so!"), Mora and Bean find some time to spend alone where Mora gives Bean a necklace made out of seashells and a sea star, sings and they kiss. Later, Bean wakes up back on the beach and finds the necklace gone. She tries to look for it but decides she must have dreamed the whole thing. As she walks, she does not see the necklace wash up on the shore behind her; confirming it was all real.

Mora returns to rescue the unconscious Bean when she is trapped in the ruins of the sunken elf castle and gives her back her necklace but leaves when Oona and her crew approach. When Bean notices she is wearing the necklace Mora gave her, she realizes then that her time with Mora was real and smiles. When Dagmar pushes Bean from the castle's balcony into the ocean, Mora again saves her and they share a passionate kiss underwater.

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