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"You've had your fun. Now, it's time to get married."

Odval is a recurring character in Disenchantment.

He is prime minister of Dreamland up until the series finale, and the top royal advisor and 'Hand' to King Zøg, a member of the Royal Council, and one of the leaders of the secret society known as the Seekers. Sorcerio is his husband. He is voiced by Maurice LaMarche.

For most of the series, he is a mysterious man whose true loyalty is hard to determine. One moment he is actively plotting against the rulers of Dreamland, while the next he does his job as advisor and tries to serve the ruling monarch to the best of his abilities. Ultimately, he turns out to be on the side of the heroes however when he helps to stop Queen Dagmar.

He and Sorcerio eventually married and retires from his duty and passes on to Merkimer.

Appearance and species[]

Odval's third eye

Third eye

Odval is a tall, thin, lean man with dark skin, and pointed facial features. He wears dark blue clothing and is completely bald.

He looks mostly human, except for some unusual features. The main one being his third eye, which he usually hides under his hat. He is also quite tall compared to other humans. It is never revealed in the series what exactly he is or if there are more like him.


Odval originally came to Dreamland along with Queen Dagmar, and is also seen with Dagmar during a flashback before Dagmar met Zøg. This implies he originally resided in Maru. Shortly after his arrival in Dreamland, he joined the Seekers and offered Dagmar to do the same thing, but she refused.[1] After King Yøg was assassinated and King Zøg was corronated with Dagmar as his wife, Odval became his minister and advisor. At some point between this and the start of the series, the Arch-Druidess came to Dreamland and became head of Dreamland's Cathedral, after which she and Odval became partners in crime in conspiring against the royal family. After Dagmar was petrified by her own poison and Zøg married Oona, Odaval remained his advisor.

In "A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk Into a Bar", Odval tracked down Princess Bean at the bar, and forced her to come back to the castle, where she was planned to get married. When the Priestess was making fallacious comments about religion, Odval commented on how the religion was still in its early state.

In "For Whom the Pig Oinks", Odval watched as the caged Elfo was hurled down the spiraling staircase and notified King Zøg that eventually, he stopped screaming, despite still rolling. He was later shown bathing with a man, in the bathtub right next to Bean.

In "The Princess of Darkness", Odval reminded King Zøg that he was never going to eat that lemon, he went on a crusading trip for. He also voiced his suspicion about Elfo. Odval said that Bean's rebellious behavior and lack of respect for her elders, was a product of her adolescence.

In "Castle Party Massacre", Odval and Sorcerio planned the next meeting of their secret society, The Seekers. King Zøg had to leave the kingdom, while he was sick and left Odval in charge. Odval revealed that he had a third eye under his hat at this time. Shortly after King Zøg left, Odval broke character and cut loose, admitting that he wasn't going to keep an eye on Bean. He was going to let her run free, while he also ran free with Sorcerio so they could gather together their next Seekers meeting. When the meeting began, it was shortly revealed that it was not the orderly cult it had appeared to be at first, but rather, an Eyes Wide Shut fuck party. Odval and Sorcerio spent most of their time together, as they were boyfriends. When Bean's regular party upstairs got out of control, Elfo went down to the basement to get Odval to put an end to it. However, Odval refused as he was officially off-duty and in the middle of his own party. When King Zøg was about to return, Odval and Bean cleaned up the castle and went back to their normal lives, without the king knowing and without either of them giving each other any details about their parties.

Odval is aware of Zøg's search for the Elixir of Life. After the Eternity Pendant is found but it turns out that Elfo cannot activate it because he is only a half-Elf, Zøg has Elfo kicked out of the castle and Bean locked up when she stands up for him. Odval however orders for Bean to be released, fully counting on it that she will follow Elfo, and Elfo in turn will go straight to Elfwood to seek answers, meaning Odval and the Knights of the Zøg Table can follow them there. Bean and Elfo are able to keep Odval and his knights out by closing the gate to Elfwood, but Elfo is shot and killed in the process.

After Bean uses the eternity pendant to bring Queen Dagmar back to life, she eventually reveals herself to be evil and petrifies everyone in Dreamland, including Odval. Odval remains petrified until "The Very Thing", when the Elves of Elfwood agree to donate their blood to help restore everybody with the Eternity Pendant. Shortly after Dreamland is restored, Zøg and Oona decide to get a divorce. Odval, spotting an opportunity, secretly adds a clause to the divorce degree that allows for him to act as Prince Derek's caretaker and regent should Derek be forced to become King before reaching adulthood.

His chance comes after Bean returns from Steamland with the Dragon Whistle, which is actually a gun, and Zøg is accidentally shot and severly injured. Along with the Arch-Druidess, Odval has Bean accused of Witchcraft and sentenced do death by being burned at the stake along with Elfo and Luci. They are saved by Dagmar and the Trøgs, but Odval thinks he succeeded and continues his plan. Derek becomes king since Zøg can no longer rule, but he is merely a puppet of Odval and the Arch-Druidess, who use him to turn Dreamland into an oppressive theocracy. When Zøg unexpectedly recovers, the Arch-Druidess tries to get rid of him by burrying him alive on the Pauper's graveyard.

Odval's plan is ruined however when Bean and Zøg both return alive; a fact that makes Odval fear Bean might be a genuine witch. Fortunately for Odval, Zøg's time being burried alive has caused him to grow mentally unstable, and he no longer remembers Odval's treason. He does however take back his crown from Derek, meaning Odval can no longer rule as regent. Bean however has not forgotten what he did and suspects him of planning to assassiante Zøg when the gun goes missing. However, after Derek meets the fairy Sagatha and they decide to get married, the Arch-Druidess is revelead to be the one who took the gun. When she is unmasked, she attempts to assassinate Bean, but for reasons unknown Odval actually comes to Bean's defense and cause the Arch-Druidess to miss. Betrayed by her co-conspirator, the Arch-Druidess flees Dreamland, leaving Odval behind.

King Zøg's madness gradually increases, and Odval decides to fastenthe process. He tricks Oona, Bean and Zøg into attending an orgie of the Seekers. When Zøg sees all the naked Seekers, with his daughter and ex-wife among them, the shock does another number on his already falling mind. Eventually, Zøg becomes unable to speak except through a ventrinquilist dummy named Freckles. By that time however, Derek has left Dreamland to join his mother at sea, meaning only Bean is left to succeed Zøg. After Zøg is send to the Twinkletown Insane Asylum, Odval and the Royal Council ackknowledge Bean as their queen. During her corronation, Bean tells Odval she still does not trust him, but he has valuable knowledge and it is better to keep your enemies close, so she will allow him to stay as her advisor for now.

After Bean herself is abducted to Hell by Dagmar, Emperor Cloyd and Becky the Enchantress take over Dreamland. In "Goon Baby Goon" they are seen treating Odval as their servant, forcing him to scrub the floor of the Throne room and getting them drinks. After Zøg and Bean both return and drive the usurpers from the castle, they decide to co-rule, with Odval again as their advisor.

Odval in freakshow

After Freckles, who was revealed to be alive, tricks Derek and Jasper in to running away to Steamland, Zøg follows them there along with Odval. They run into P.T. McGee, who knocks them both out and captures Odval for the P.T. Freak Show. In the show, Odval is turned into an attraction where visitors can throw balls at him and are encouraged to try and hit his third eye.

Odval remains in the freakshow until Bean, Mora and Zøg come to free him and the other captives. Along with the freaks and Mora, Odval escapes Steamland in the Electrofish, but the submarine sinks when Mora forgets to close the hatch. Fortunately, everyone manages to get off safely, and is saved when Oona comes by with her ship. Once Oona brings them back to Dreamland, Odval immediately reunites with Sorcerio and together they rally the Seekers to help fight on Bean's side during The Battle of Falling Water. In the fight, Odval takes on Dagmar, both of them wielding whips, but she manages to defeat him.

After Bean has defeated Dagmar for good, both she and Zøg step down as rulers and give Dreamland back to the Elves. Miri becomes the new queen, and Odval steps down as minister, giving his position to Prince Merkimer. Bean and Mora agree to marry, but elope at the last minute, so instead Odval and Sorcerio take their place and get married.


Odval is a prim and proper man, whose sole purpose is to serve King Zøg and protect Princess Bean. He is a real stickler for the rules and obeys the king's orders down to the very letter. However, this is mainly a false persona he puts on in order to maintain his job with the king. When the king is absent, Odval is a laid back, carefree man, who actually quite strongly despises the king. (for good reason, as he's used, sometimes literally, as Zog's personal punching bag, with odval being helpless in the face of constant abuse due to Zog's power as monarch being completely absolute. This constant mistreatment leads to Odval jumping at the chance to seize power, as soon as the very first opportunity presents itself. Odval first showed his treacherous attitude toward Zøg during the testing of the Pendant of Life in which Socerio wanted to test the pendant by getting the volunteer to kill him. Odval was the first to volunteer.

He is also a very sexually promiscuous man who takes pleasure from abstract erotic parties that apparently involve religion and magic. He does these in a cult, known as The Seekers, and he mostly does this with his best friend and lover, Sorcerio, although they do include a large number of other participants in the cult who likely join them on occasion.

Towards Bean, he shows a high level of chauvinism and constantly berates her for being a woman. This in spite of the fact that he is working alongside the Arch-Druidess, who is also a woman in a position of power. He drops the chauvinism after King Zøg is send to an asylum and Bean is the only one who can succeed him.


  • Odval seems to be familiar with firearms which indicates that he is in league with Steamland. This could also be he learned it from the Arch-Druidess.
  • Elfo named Odval's eyes Winky, Blinky and Soul Stealer. Winky is his right eye, Blinky is his left, and Soul Stealer is his top, third eye. The poster in Steamland advertising him at the freak show during "Fish Out of Water" gets this wrong.
  • His hidden third eye could also be a reference to the Twilight Zone episode, Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up?, in which the cook at a diner turned out to be a villainous Venusian, with a third eye hidden underneath his hat.
  • Disenchantment: Untold Tales Vol. 2 contains a two-page list of Odval's various complexities.