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Of Humid Bondage

Of Humid Bondage is a children's theater performance which takes place at the Dankmire Children's Theatre in S01E06.


The play is about the history of Dankmire and the construction of the canal. The scenes which are shown inform the viewer of the war between the Dankmirians and the Swamp People. According to the Chancellor of Dankmire, who escorts the Royal Delegation to witness the show, it is "one of those plays where the actors come out into the audience and bother people."

Cultural Reference[]

  • Of Human Bondage (1915): a novel by  W. Somerset Maugham, ranked by The Modern Library as 66 out of 100 best English language novels of the 20th century.


"Did you know Dreamland forced Dankmire to build [the] canal, then they fought a 100 year war over who owned the canal and the war only ended when a certain King Zog of Dreamland - that's your dad! - married Princess Oona of Dankmire - that's your weird step mom!"
  • This implies that the play is fabricated to make the Dankmirians look better - and to save the "flimsy alliance" with Dreamland - by claiming that the Dankmirians went to war with the Swamp People, instead of with Dreamland. The swamp people were innocent (indigenous) by-standers.
  • The line "this means war!" is ironic, given that the kid who delivers the line is the aggressor, having just killed the the Swamp person, and not the other way around.
  • You might say the play is a propaganda piece.
  • At the end of the performance a kid dressed as King Zøg appeared.
  • The show lasts at least three and a half hours, is split into 16 acts, and has been a "smash" for 14 years.
  • The enactment of the 100 year war between Dankmire and the Swamp People lasted 3 and a half hours. (Yawn).


Kid 1: You cannot stop Dankmirian progress Swamp People! Now stop complainin' and build us the world's cleanest canal! This means war!
[3 1/2 hours later]
Kid 2: And thus, the 100 year war was over, and Dankmire and Dreamland shared a beautiful canal, and a marrage of convenience!
King Zog: Who's that fat kid with the crown supposed to be?
Kids together: All hail Dankmire!
Kid 3: Dank you for coming!