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Ogres are a species in Disenchantment. Ogres were once at war with gnomes, and that may still be occurring off-screen. Ogres are similar to how they are portrayed across pop-culture. Grey or green skin, with big teeth, large features and lots of hair. In short, they are big, violent brutes.

At the end of the first part of the second season of the series, when the green smoke that the inhabitants of Dreamland mistook for a threat turns out to be only Big Jo and his assistant Porky, the relieved inhabitants of Dreamland are quickly faced with an invasion of Ogres led by Junior, who demands that Elfo be handed over to them.

After seeing how much his friends had to give up for him, Elfo decided to sacrifice himself by throwing himself at the Ogres, landing on Junior's arms, who orders the other Ogres to retreat now that their mission was complete.

Known Ogres

  • Junior, who was the only survivor of a deadly battle in an ogre-gnome war. He also had an unexpected encounter with Elfo, that ended with both of his eyes getting stabbed out.
  • Ogre King
  • Ogre Queen