The Ogre Queen is the wife of the Ogre King, and the mother of Junior.


When Elfo and Bean arrive to the Ogre Valley looking for berries that will cure the sick elfs, the Ogre Queen has them thrown in a dudgeon so that the ogres can eat them the next day. Elfo and Bean manage to escape and find the tree where the berries grow when the queen appears before them and asks where they come from but before Elfo can answer they hear the other ogres who are searching for their prisoners. The Ogre Queens helps Elfo collect the berries and allows him and Bean to escape through a hidden tunnel. Before the queen seals the tunnel's entrance he hears Bean say Elfo's name, which leaves the queen intrigued, although the reason for this remains unknown.


  • Many fans speculated that she is could be Elfo's mother, due to her skin's color and her knowledge toaward his name.
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