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Oona's Pirate Crew is a crew of pirates led by Oona following her divorce from King Zøg.


Originally founded by Leavo many years prior for the purpose of finding the lost kingdom of the Elves.[1] After Dagmar took over Dreamland and accused Oona of high treason. Oona left the castle only to be chained to a rock and dropped at the bottom of the sea. Where Oona an amphibious humanoid just found it annoying rather than scary.[2] Oona eventually unravels said chains and swims to the top and is pulled on bored The Pirate Ship being mistaken as a beautiful woman. Oona comes to find a new home with the pirates given. With Leavo's dismissals to ever leave his cabin, Oona takes charge, thus leading The Pirate Crew to attack neighboring trade ships and other noble ships full of bloodlust.

By the end of "The Very Thing", Leavo officially appoints Oona as the Captain of the Pirate Crew. Oona proceeds to say farewell to Bean and Derek.

After the downfall of Dagmar, Derek joins the crew for good and serves as lookout and First Mate of the crew.


Having been in severe lackluster due to Leavo's stowaway state of mind the crew now has much pent up bloodlust and greed. They have happily taken up Oona as their new captain. They have now shown the joyous pirate sides they had back in their heyday with Leavo.

Oona has used the crew as her midlife crisis. She has cast away her former queen self and has been so bold as to announce it to those she's pillaging She has promised Derek to return to Dreamland every other weekend so as to not just abandon him, despite initially forgetting him when she fled Dreamland for "High Treason".[1][2]


Part 2


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