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Our Lady of Unlimited Chastity is a monastery church in Dreamland that is located on a hill near the city. It is home to a convent of nuns, who spend all day praying to God and performing other religious activities. The head nun is named Mother Superior, and she runs the place under harshly strict rules.

King Zøg sent Princess Bean to live in this place, in order to punish his daughter for throwing a wild party that went horribly wrong. Unsurprisingly however, "Sister Tiabeanie" had a lot of trouble with trying to fit in among a bunch of pious, prude women. Bean was soon expelled after the nuns discovered that she had brought a demon with her.


  • Along the path leading to the building's entrance, there is a sign displaying "Live Prude Girls"; which is a reference to a common advertising slogan for strip clubs ("Live Nude Girls"), despite the irony that all the women here are fully clothed and sexually celibate.
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