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P.T Freakshow is an attraction in Steamland where P.T. McGee displays a wide arrange of weird or unusual creatures for people's amusement.


The Freak Show is located in the Steamland Fun Center on pier 33 at the sea. It is a dark turquoise building. Five posters of the exhibits are hung on the front, and it has an entrance and an exit and a staircase with four steps. Above the entrance you can read: "P.T. McGee's Freak Show & Gawkatorium" and below the sign it says: "Freak chow now available in our cafe". At the top of the roof there are three domes that look like small circus tents.


  1. Half-Man Half-Lokomotive
  2. Congress of Squirrel
  3. Mora the mermaid
  4. Elfo
  5. Mystic Fortune Teller Edith
  6. Laughing Horse
  7. Jasper
  8. Prince Derek
  9. Odval
  10. Freckles



Steamland Confidential:[]

While Elfo is telling his adventure stories in the League of Gallivanting Scrutinators, P.T asks him to name a place where Elfo has been, but he has not yet. Elfo told "Elfwood" and P.T wanted to see evidence, when Elfo takes off his pointy ears can be seen and P.T locks him up as a new exhibit on his freak show.

Freak Out!:[]

Elfo makes friends with other inmates of the freakshow, including Edith and Mora. At the end of the episode, Bean frees all exhibits except Mora, which they forget.

Last Splash:[]

Elfo sees a poster from Mora and he remembers that they have forgotten, he and Bean go back to the freak show and free them by destroying the glass of their aquarium with a hammer.

Bean Falls Apart:[]

Freckles lures Derek and Jasper into Steamland to "start a new life", and tricks them into the freak show for money. P.T. then takes Freckles in himself when he realizes freckles is a talking dummy. Zøg and Odval follow them in an attempt to rescue them, and P.T. knocks them out and takes Odval with him.

Heads or Tails[]

Jasper learns his mother Ursula is still alive but also a captive in the Freakshow. Derek and Petey begin to bond, and Odval has some fun throwing balls at two rather dimwitted visitors instead of them throwing balls at him.

Electric Ladyland][]

At the end of the episode, Mora, Bean and Zog end up on the pier near the Freakshow. There, they see posters of Jasper, Freckles and Derek and thus find out they are captives in the freakshow. They then notice posters featuring the three of them, tipping them off that P.T. knows they are in Steamland and plots to make them into his next attractions.

I Hear Your Noggin, But You Can't Come In[]

After stealing a submarine from Alva Gunderson, Bean, Mora, and Zog succesfully rescue all the freaks from the freakshow, with the exception of the racist antilope. Most freaks escape to the submarine while Zog and Bean deal with P.T. and then escape in a hot air balloon.