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Hungry pigs feasting on the corpse of Lord Lingonberry.

Pigs are common domestic livestock animals, used mostly for meat production.

They are not picky eaters and are fine with feeding on dead bodies; Sorcerio has a chute for failed experimental subjects that died on his dissection table, that leads to a pig pen where the evidence is destroyed.

Known pigs[]

  • Prince Merkimer, a human who was transformed into a pig after drinking pig's blood mixed with Elfo's magic blood.
  • Miss Moonpence, a talking pig who was originally seen as an eyeball and several humanesque arms throughout multiple holes covered by sliding doors in the Prime Minister's office walls, and presumably other parts of the castle.
  • A nameless pig whose blood was drained and used for a magic potion that turned Merkimer into a pig; the original pig was also turned into a human (a clone of Merkimer himself), but still behaved and sounded like a pig.


  • There was a scene where two pigs reenacted a scene from The Lady and the Tramp, but the pasta noodle is replaced with human intestines, and the dogs are pigs. This is likely a reference, easter egg and gag joke scene, but it may also imply pigs in this world are capable of romance.
  • Apparently, Bean hates/doesn't like pigs.