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Pig-Merkimer is a character appearing in the episode "Hey, Pig Spender".

He was once an ordinary pig, until he was transformed into a clone of Prince Merkimer due to a magic curse resulting from Merkimer consuming a mixture of Elfo's blood and the pig's own blood (which also transformed the real Merkimer into a pig).


For Whom The Pig Oinks[]

When Bean mixed the blood of this pig with Elfo's magical blood, a potion was created; which Merkimer later drank, turning him into a pig. The original pig whose blood was used in the potion was in turn transformed into an identical copy of Merkimer himself, but retained it's animalistic mind and instincts just like how Merkimer retained his human mind and personality as a pig.

Steamland Confidential[]

The pig is seen as a prisoner in P.T. Freak Show, where he is known as the "Beastman of Bentwood".

Freak Out![]

The pig appears again as a prisoner in P.T. Freak show. Later he is freed by Bean, who doesn't recognize him.

Hey, Pig spender[]

The pig, now covered in mud and looking like a monster, attacks the house of a farmer. When Bean learns about the monster she comes to investigate, but fails to stop the local farmers from forming a mob to hunt the monster down. The pig is chased into an abandoned tower, which Rufus then sets on fire. As Bean tries to rescue the monster, she discovers he looks like Merkimer and finally realizes what happened. The pig attack her however and both fall off the tower but survive the impact.

Bean takes the pig back to the castle and asks Sorcerio to reverse the body swap spell, but he claims he can't do this. Since Dreamland is in desperate need of money and weapons, Bean hatches a plan to use the pig-Merkimer to make the royal family of Bentwood think their son has been transformed back. To achieve this, Elfo has to feed Pig-Merkimer cheeseballs so he moves his mouth, while human-Merkimer does the talking. The bluff works at first and the group is able to get into Bentwood, but Merkimer quickly seizes control of the situation to get his old life back. Then the pig reveals he has spend enough time in a human body to learn to speak, and stages a coup against the royals. He has the king and queen, as well as Bean and her friends, locked up and claims he throne. Human-Merkimer helps him. After declaring themselves the new rulers, both Merkimers decide they want their old bodies back, so they have Grindl make a potion to reverse the switch. Before Merkimer can drink it however, he hears that Bean, Elfo and Luci are being executed in the Torture Chamber, where they are drowned in money. He has a change of heart and instead of drinking the potion he runs to the torture chamber to rescue his friends. Pig-Merkimer, enraged by this betrayal, confronts them and kicks Merkimer down the stairs, which prompts Bean to attack him. She chases him to the top of a tower, where they fight. Bean wins by tossing Pig-Merkimer off the tower, and he falls to his death.