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Pops Returno Elfowitz is a minor character in Disenchantment. He is Elfo's elderly father, and as of the series finale the King Consort of Ogreland . He is voiced by Billy West.


Pops has greyish wrinkled skin with big ears and jowls, and white hair. He wears a red pointy hat, yellowish smock, pointy long shoes and a crooked walking stick.


Pops is elderly and seems to be somewhat senile. He is known to tell long stories that he never finishes. He seems to be unable or unwilling to tell his son about his heritage - in particular who his mother is.


Young Pops

Pops in his younger days

Years before the start of the show, Pops was a traveling salesman for Elfwood Candy Company. He left Elfwood with his best friend, a dog named Barko, to sell the candy, making him one of the few Elves to ever venture out side of Elfwood. On his journey he made a lot of folks happy and a lot more folks fat. His journey took him to Bentwood, Dankmire, the Cave of the Single Trap, the Enchanted Forrest and to Ogreland. He also met Hansel and Gretel and Malfus. In Ogreland he met Grogda, and instantly fell in love with her. To please her, he offered her a different sweet every day. When he realized that ogres do not like sweets, he invented a new flavor especially for her, Sour. His efforts payed off and the two started a relationship.

Since the two cannot live together in Ogreland, they decided to elope. With Pops help, Grogda escaped from Ogreland. They moved into a hut in the forest and lived there together. Soon after, the two had a son, Elfo. The three of them lived happily and contentedly in the forest. One day when Elfo was playing in the stream, they were all attacked by gnomes. Grogda was hit by an arrow in the chest and seemingly killed in the process, but unbeknown to Pops the arrow was stopped by a box of candy she was still carying with her and the blood was not blood but cherry syrup. Soon after, when Elfo and Pops wanted to hide in their house, monkeys broke into the house and dressed up in Pops and Elfo's clothes. Then the Gnomes attacked the house and set it on fire with incendiary arrows. The monkeys were killed in this fire, and their burned corpses were mistaken for those of Elfo and Pops by Grogda, leading her to believe her family had died.

With the house gone and his lover seemingly dead, Pops took Elfo back to Elfwood to raise him as an Elf, and never told him about his mother or the fact that he is actually half-Elf. In the years that followed, Pops was never very patient with Elfo, and gave him a rough upbringing.

When first seen in the series, Pops is living in Elfwood. He stays there when Elfo decides to leave and explore the outside world. In Season 2, Pops, along with the other Elves, moves to Elf Alley in Dreamland. Throughout most of the series he remains cold and distand towards Elfo, but deep down he does care for his son. This is seen in "The Good, The Bad, and the Bum-Bum", when Pops travels to Ogreland in an attempt to rescue Elfo after the latter has been taken prisoner by the Ogres. He is however captured himself, and while sharing a cell with Elfo he finally tells him the whole story regarding his birth. In the same episode, Pops learns Grogda is still alive.

After Grogda's current husband King Brock is accidentally killed by Junior, Grogda and Pops resume their relationship. In "Goodbye Bean", they get married, with Pops becoming the King Consort of Ogreland.


  • The needlepoint Pops was about to give Elfo which would reveal his heritage was destroyed in a panicked stampede.
  • Pops stole Elfo's college fund as revealed in Our Bodies, Our Elves.
  • A picture of him hangs in the The League of Gallivanting Scrutinators. Probably his journey also led him to Steamland
  • His actual name, Returno, was already mentioned in the first episode when Elfo was told no Elf that left Elfwood ever returned, not even Returno. With the reveal that Pops is Returno, this statement is thus clearly false as Pops returned to Elfwood with Elfo.


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