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Porky is a minor character in Disenchantment.


Porky is Big Jo's assistant, who battled the Assassin from Maru. He is later made into Big Jo's partner in "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment".


Not much can be gathered about his personality as he is a mute character. He doesn't seem to like Big Jo so his reasons for helping him out remain obscure. He seems to be a skilled fighter as he fought the assassin without assistance.


Big Jo found Porky abandoned as a baby in the Enchanted Forest, then returned him to the exact spot a week later, only to pick him up again. He has since raised Porky, and ultimately made him his assistant. He treats Porky rather poorly, but deep down cares about him. Big Jo's bad treatment of Porky came back to bite him in "The Cabinet of Dr. Chazzzzz" when the orderlies of Twinkle Town Insane Asylum decided to kidnap Big Jo after failing to find King Zøg, and Porky did nothing to help Big Jo. In "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment", Big Jo is seen interacting with a Porky handpuppet in the asylum, while stating how much he misses him. After Big Jo, Zøg and Bean escape the Asylum, they run into Porky, who offers Big Jo some flowers. The two make amends and Big Jo promotes Porky to his partner.

In "The Battle of Falling Water", Porky sails with Big Jo, Bean, and Zøg to Oona's ship. Later, he fights in the battle itself with the Seekers, implying that Porky, like Big Jo, is a Seeker.

He is last seen in "Goodbye Bean", during Sorcerio and Odval's wedding. He was supposed to give them the rings, but Turbish does it instead.


Big Jo: And that is why I always lashed out at you the most, Porky. Becuase deep down, I am scared of how much I need you.

Big Jo: Porky has his own grill in the back of the wagon, and I toss him a sausage every ten miles if he runs fast enough. Some people say that's why he's named "Porky"

Big Jo: Thirteen miles per sausage, huh? Not bad.

Zøg: Don't tell Porky, but I ate the last five sausages.

Big Jo: It's okay. My arms were getting tired from all the dangling.