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Prince Guysbert was a member of the royal family of Bentwood. He was supposed to be Princess Bean's fiance in an arranged wedding, until it was cancelled after Guysbert suffered a serious accident. Although handsome, he was not a typical Prince Charming, as being the offspring of the siblings Lorenzo the First, and Queen Bunny made him somewhat unintelligent.


Guysbert is betrothed to be married to Bean as part of an alliance between Dreamland and Bentwood. But at the altar, Bean refuses to be wed with an outburst of anger, dropping the wedding rings as a result. As Guysbert is chasing after the ring, his head becomes impaled on the throne’s sharp decor. This does not, in fact, kill him, becoming a running gag for the rest of the season.

In "To Thine Own Elf Be True", a callback to his near fatal wounding sees him used as a test subject for the Elixir of Life. After a supposed success, the Elixir failed, and his brain falls out of his head, killing him once and for all. As he collapses, he subsequently stabs himself with the sword.

Despite his dimwitted mind, Queen Bunny openly states, in front of her younger son, that Guysbert is her favourite, even though she does not actually care about either of her sons’ fates.

Guysbert's corpse can be seen when King Zøg is pulled from the coffin in which the Arch-Druidess had buried him alive. He is taken away by the Trøgs, who are digging under the cemetery.


  • Had his wedding to Bean been a success, he would have taken her back to Bentwood with him and the plot of Disenchantment would have been unlikely to unfold.
  • He seems to be the opposite of his younger brother in terms of personality since Guysbert is dim-witted but nice to Bean while Merkimer is smarter and didn't care at all about Bean (at least until he got turned into a pig).
  • It is implied that he may have liked Bean since he didn't seem to have a problem with being forced to marry her and when they meet again shortly before his death, he says that the possibility of gazing upon Bean's face kept him alive (along with the rotten food he had been eating).
  • He is one of the souls seen in Hell during Bean and Satan's wedding. It is unknown as to why he was sent there.