Prince Merkimer is the son/nephew of King Lorenzo I and Queen Bunny. He was designated to marry the Princess Tiabeanie when she impaled the Prince Guysbert, his older brother/cousin, who was up until that point the groom-to-be.


Merkimer was the second Prince of Bentwood to attempt to marry Princess Bean of Dreamland. After his brother/cousin Guysbert famously fell on the "Iron Throne" and incapacitated himself, Merkimer was next in line to marry her. Elfo's jealousy of Merkimer led him to encourage Merkimer to drink a magic potion that consisted of pig and elf blood, without knowing what would happen. Unfortunately for him, he turned into a talking pig and became unable to marry Bean. His transformation turned him into a pathetic and lonely character, so much so, he lost his dignity over the mere mention of cabbage.


Prince Merkimer is an arrogant man with a large ego. He believed that before he was to marry Bean she would have had an affair with him anyhow because he believes he is irresistible and obviously superior.

However, following his transformation, Merkimer was forced to reexamine how he interacts with others (especially women). Now that he can't rely on his station or looks and must actually make use of charm to get by, his more chauvinistic traits have become downplayed and he's generally become a kinder man.

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  • He once learned that a dragon could shoot fire out of both ends.
  • Prior to his transformation, Merkimer voiced a high opinion of his prowess as a warrior and hunter. Contrary to his social ineptitude with women, however, Merkimer proved able to back up his boasting. He successfully led Pendergast and his men in pursuit of his runaway bride when Bean tried to flee, and all but single-handedly (with the aid of thirty walruses from Walrus Island) destroyed a Bozak warship when it attacked the Party Barge hosting his bachelor party, and slew their admiral in single combat (the Bozaks being one of Dreamland's allies notwithstanding, though at the time they were mistaken by everyone aboard for Borcs).


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