I'll never be anything more than a wealthy queen of a fabulous faraway kingdom...it's my destiny.
— Bean

Princess Tiabeanie Mariabeanie de la Rochambeaux Grunkwitz, better known as Bean[2], is the main character of Disenchantment. She is the 19-year-old princess of Dreamland and possible heir to the throne of Maru. She is the daughter of King Zog and Dagmar and the older half-sister of the King Derek.

Bean as a newborn with her parents

Bean is a hard drinker and is constantly accompanied by her elf friend Elfo, and her "personal demon" Luci.[3]


Early Life

Bean is the first and only daughter of King Zog of Dreamland and Princess Dagmar of Maru. Dagmar conceived Bean in order to make her fulfill a prophecy and pay off a debt Maru owes to Hell. When she was born, Dagmar gave her a mantel and an enchanted music box that had a small figurine of Dagmar holding an infant Bean. One time, when Bean could not fall asleep, Dagmar ran her finger in circles on her forehead, and right before Bean drifted off, Dagmar whispered in her ear "You will be the greatest woman this goddamn kingdom has ever seen" (meaning the kingdom of Maru).

When Bean was four years old, Dagmar decided that the time had come to get rid of Zog so that she could return with Bean to Maru. She decided to turn Zog into stone by poisoning his wine, but Bean accidentally switched Dagmar's and Zog's glasses when she was trying to reach for the grapes that were served along with the wine, which resulted in Dagmar drinking from Zog's glass and turning into stone instead.

Around one year later, Zog married Oona, a princess from Dankmire, in an arranged marriage as part of a deal to have a canal built for Dreamland. Bean stated that she was so jealous of her stepmother that she placed a dead owl in their wedding cake and the guests ate it anyway. Bean's relationship with her stepmother was a weak one, although Oona claimed that she tried to love Bean and get along with her.

Bean's half-brother, Derek, was born when Bean was five years old, and he became the heir to the throne. Bean strongly resented Derek for this since he, being a boy and heir to the throne, had more privileges than she did and he was able to do all the things she wanted to do, such as sword fighting or horse riding.

Bean's paternal grandmother, "Bee-Baw", used to sit Bean on her lap and tell her stories until she passed away when Bean was still a child. Bean's handmaiden, Bunty, raised her and did her best to make Bean happy to the point of allowing Bean to mount her like a horse so that she and Derek could have horse races.

Bean's relationship with her father was strained since Bean resented him for getting remarried and starting a new family and Zog was distant and failed to provide his daughter with the attention she needed, to the point where Bean had another girl pretend to be her for a year to see if her father would notice (he didn't).

Arranged Marriages and meeting Luci and Elfo

After Bean turned nineteen, King Zog arranged for her to be married off to Prince Guysbert of Bentwood, a handsome but dim prince, in order to form an alliance between their kingdoms, and made her wear her mother's wedding dress for the wedding. Bean originally resigned herself to it, and reluctantly followed through with the wedding. Unbeknownst to Bean, her Uncle Cloyd and Aunt Becky had sent her a demon named Luci, who was tasked with turning Bean evil like the rest of her maternal family.

At the wedding, Bean changed her mind while at the altar, and refused to marry the prince. Bean slapped the ring off Guysbert's hand, and he ended up with his head stuck on a sword, part of a throne made of swords, while trying to find the ring. Strangely, this injury didn't kill him. Zog and Guysbert's parents then arranged for Bean to marry Guysbert's younger brother, Merkimer instead. When Elfo walked into the church, Zog offered a reward to whoever captured Elfo, and Bean took this opportunity to escape by breaking a window and jumping through it, followed by Elfo and Luci.


Princess Bean usually wears a cyan tunic with white sleeves, brown leggings and tied dark brown boots. She is equipped with a belt with a silver buckle. Her hair is white (like her mother), and she has oversize eyes and ears (like her father). She has a round nose (like her paternal grandmother Bee-Baw), and freckles, buck teeth and an overbite.


Bean shows a decent amount of fighting skills with various weapons and hand-to-hand combat. Her fighting skill are self-taught through various brawls at the taverns, and throughout her misadventure.


Not a traditional princess, Bean is quite the opposite, actively rebelling against her father, Zøg, who has driven her to drink. She is frustrated by the limited life-choices available to her as a princess who is second in line to the throne. She resents the stereotypical role of a trophy Queen, which is to have heirs and forge alliances in a loveless union, and refuses to marry the eligible princes presented to her (Guysbert and Merkimer), which would force her to inhabit this role. Her three wishes are: to be in charge of her own destiny, to get her mom back and to find a boyfriend who is a great listener. She is may seem irresponsible, rebellious and cynical, but is surprisingly 'normal' for a princess.


Prior to being magically paired with Luci and finding the companionship of Elfo, Bean had no friends, not even bridesmaids for her wedding. Her companions were her drinking buddies from the pubs she frequented. As such, most of her relationships are familial. The trio of Bean, Elfo and Luci are the main focus of the misadventures in the show.


Queen Dagmar

Dagmar is Bean's biological mother. She supposedly died 15 years ago but she was in fact turned to stone by a magic potion. Bean idolized her mother all her life, claiming that Dagmar was everything Bean wanted to be, and after Dagmar was revived, she quickly bonded with Bean over their mutual interests such as drinking.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Dagmar brought Bean back to Maru and her mother showed her true nature. Dagmar insulted Bean and attempted to force her to fullfil a prophecy by screwing a crown onto her head that would potentially leave Bean with permanent brain damage.

When Bean was a toddler, Dagmar took good care of her and did things like naming Bean after her grandmother, nursing Bean herself, being gentle with her, telling Bean that she "will be the greatest woman [Maru] has ever seen" as she drifted off to sleep, and even had a portrait painted of Bean that depicted her as the new queen of Maru before she even told Bean about the prophecy. This implies that Dagmar strongly believes that Bean will be successful in bearing the crown and becoming a great queen.

After Bean is sentenced to burn to death at the stake with Elfo and Luci, Dagmar saves her daughter and her friends, and asks in a teasing manner for a hug, although she may have saved them in order to capture Bean and force her to fulfill the prophecy rather than out of love for her child.


Zøg is Bean's father and King of Dreamland. Bean has a difficult relationship with him as he is scared of female emotions. He hates how Bean is always getting into trouble and refuses to behave like a proper princess, while Bean has no respect for him due to his selfish nature, but she still loves him and wants to make him proud. When Zøg sees Bean leave with her mother for Maru, Zøg is furious at Bean's supposed betrayal and attempts to kill her when she returns, but Bean manages to talk him out of it. After Bean accidentally shoots her own father with a pistol she used the acknowledge of medicine she learned in Steamland to save him by taking the bullet off his body before it became infected. It is unknown Zøg feels about Bean's supposed death.


Derek is Bean's half-brother and heir to the throne of Dreamland. Bean finds Derek irritating and dislikes being with him. She generally seems to resent Derek for being born and becoming the heir to the throne, and being able to do the things she wanted to do as a child due to him being a boy. Bean knows it isn't his fault but still wishes he would die. Like her dad, she does show that she cares for him, as she shesaved his life, but when Derek tries to reconnect, its still shown that Bean is not interested. She still admits hating him, but cheerfully says she both loves and hates him. Their strained relationship makes Derek vulnerable to Odval's manipulation. However, it's shown that Derek still loves Bean and doesn't want any real harm to come to her. It is unknown how Derek feels about his sister's "death".

Emperor Cloyd and Becky the Enchantress

Cloyd and Becky are Bean's maternal uncle and aunt. When Bean and Dagmar first arrived to Maru, Cloyd and Becky were civil towards their niece and did things like giving her a blanket when she was cold and assigning someone to shush her to sleep when Bean had to sleep on a couch due to Dagmar's snoring. However, it is later revealed that they were simply trying to gain her trust in order to have her fulfill a prophecy and they, like Dagmar, didn't seem worried about the fact that screwing a crown on Bean's head may leave her with brain damage. When Cloyd, Becky and Dagmar were searching for Bean they brought knives with them to attack her, further implying that they don't care about their niece at all.


Jerry was Bean's maternal uncle. Out of all of her maternal relatives, Jerry was the only one who had genuine interest and affection for Bean and was alwayus nice to her. When Bean felt lonely due to having no friends in Maru and her family not giving her any attention, Jerry was the only one who kept her company and even taught her about the history of their family as well as the family curse. At first Bean wasn't too interested on hanging out with Jerry even though he was fond of his niece from the start and didn't show any sympthoms of possessing the family curse, possibly due to his brain damange, he cared for Bean as family instead of seeing her as a tool and Bean soon grew to love him as well. Jerry eventually helped Bean escape their abusive relatives before they could screw the crown in her head and give her brain damage or worse. Bean wanted to take Jerry with her but ended up being killed by Dagmar, much to Bean's horror.

Queen Oona

Oona is the mother of Bean's half brother Derek and was her stepmother until Oona and Zog divorced. The two had very little one on one interaction although Oona claims that she tried to love Bean but her stepdaughter pushed her away, unwilling to accept Oona as her family. Oona also tried to give Bean "The Talk" when Bean was going to be married off to Prince Guysbert and smiled when she and Zøg found out Bean was returning to Dreamland after going away on a mission but Bean never showed any interest in her stepmother.

Their relationship took a turn for the worse when Dagmar was revived and Oona vows to get revenge on both Zøg and Bean. However, Oona only said that out of anger since once she forgave Bean for everything except for stealing her Oona's drugs after Bean apologizes. When Oona leaves with the pirates she offers Bean to come with her but Bean politely declines and the two part on good terms.



Luci is Bean's personal demon (or daemon). Taking the form of a shadowy being who is mistaken for a talking cat, he is a curse which is cast on Bean by the mysterious Maruvian couple, Emperor Cloyd and the Enchantress. (Bean is as yet unaware of their existence and role in her life). Luci often talks Bean into doing bad things like stealing, drinking or taking drugs but he seems to care about her as he showed concern for Bean when she was mourning Elfo's death.


Elfo is one of Beans closest friends (along with Luci) [4]. He is very loyal to Bean and he would do anything for her. Elfo met Bean when he left Elfwood in search of an adventure and they were inseparable until his death. He is half elf half other species (we do not yet know what his mother is). Elfo has a crush on Bean however, it is not reciprocated even though Bean cares for him deeply and was heartbroken when he died.


Bunty is Bean's nanny and Lady-In-Waiting. She raised Bean in place of her ostensibly deceased mother and seemingly uninterested stepmother. Bean seems to be fond of her while Bunty is always there for Bean when she needs help. When Bean was growing up Bunty did anything to make Bean happy including letting Bean mount her as if she was a horse. When Bean as falsely accused of trying to murder Zøg, Bunty is convinced Bean is innocent and apparently persuaded her husband to help Bean escape. According to Stan, there is nobody in the world Bunty loves more than him and Bean.


Prince Guysbert

Prince Guysbert of Bentwood was Bean's groom in her first arranged marriage. Bean didn't want to marry him and didn't care about him yer Guysbert seemed to like her since he didn't seem to have a problem with marrying Bean although the marriage was called off after Guysbert accidentaly stabbed his own head against a throne made of swords. They eventually meet again when Zog has him try to Elixir of Life to see if he could be saved in order to revive Dagmar. Guysbert was happy to see Bean again and professed his love for her although Bean brushed him off and wasn't bothered at all when Guysbert died.

Prince Merkimer

Prince Guysbert of Bentwood was Bean's groom in her second arranged marriage after Guysbert was injured. Unlike his younger brother, Merkimer wasn't nice at all, cheated on his bride-to-be and invited several women at his wedding to sleep with him at his wedding night in front of everyone until he was turned into a pig thanks to Bean.

After becoming a pig, Merkimer became nicer as time passed and he and Bean were mostly civil towards each other. In "In Her Own Write", he steals the script Bean had written about her life and presented it as his own, much to Bean's anger.


Pendergast is one of Zog's knights. He seems to have an interest in courting Bean or at least he was attracted to her. He sometimes flirted with her, agreed to go on a double date with Bean (to support Elfo, who told Bean he was dating a giantess), leading him to believe that they were courting. However, he still follows Zog's orders of locking up Bean when she talks back to Zog, regardless of Bean's feelings.

In "The Electric Princess", Pendergast calls Bean out for releasing Skybert and tries to confiscate a revolver that Bean had brought with her from Steamland, resulting in the revolver going off during the struggle and accidentally shooting Zog and Pendergast let Bean get blamed for everything.


Season 1

Part 1

Part 2


Bean is the central protagonist of the series. Matt Groening designed her to look "unlike any cartoon princess you've ever seen before." He has further stated "she is unconventionally beautiful, but I think audiences will fall in love with her." The character came about after a decade of Groening researching old classic fairy tales, where it was the women and children who were strong characters while the men were weak willed. Bean is designed to represent the genre's original paradigm.

Abbi Jacobson improvised a number of Bean's lines.[3]

Cultural References

  • Game of Thrones (2011-2019): Bean's platinum-blonde hair is likely a reference to the white hair of Daenerys I Targaryen. Furthermore, Dagmar family back in Maru has a curse of madness in which also can be based on the Targaryen Madness in the bloodline of the House Targaryen. 
    • Judging by this article, Matt Groening didn't want more than one reference to G.O.T, so this is probably an exception.[5]
  • Cinderella (1950): Bean's wedding dress greatly resembles Cinderella's ballgown in the Walt Disney film of the same name.
  • Johan and Peewit (1952): Bean's clothes are very similar to Sir Johan's clothes, a character created by Belgian cartoonist Peyo.


  • Her full name is Princess Tiabeanie Mariabeanie De La Rochambeaux Grunkwitz;[2] however, she mispronounced her last name as "Drunkowitz" while heavily drunk on schnapps in "Swamp and Circumstance".
  • According to Luci, Bean has blue eyes.
  • Bean learns the art of stabbing from drunkards in the tavern.
  • Bean fears she might succumb to the curse of madness and paranoia that is hereditary from her mom's family.
  • Like her mother, her favorite "food" is beer and loves the smell of wet grass.
  • Bean likes to party, and consumes the recreational drugs snake root, bread mould and a hallucinogen called "Bliss".
    • Given this reference to hallucinogens, the bread mould reference is likely to be connected with ergotised rye. Albert Hoffman synthesised LSD from this fungus.
  • Her name Tiabeanie sounds similarly to narcotic called thebaine.
  • Dagmar gave Bean her great-grandmother Mariabeanie's name as her middle name. It's also possible that Bean was named Tiabeanie so that her name would rhyme with the name Mariabeanie as well. This could imply that Dagmar feels some love for both her grandmother and her daughter.
  • It is implied that Bean could have a dislike or hatred toward pigs because she called them dumb.


Bean: All this wedding hassle for a stupid political alliance! I thought that I'd get married for true love, or because I was wasted..." - S01E01
Bean: Somehow, we've ended in this stupid world together. (...)

See in Hell, boys! - S02E10



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