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Prudence, the self proclaimed "Queen of the Crones" is a supporting character.


She is an old woman with grey hair and a pale skin.


Prudence is a member of the Crones, a group of elderly inhabitants of Maru who try to preserve the last part of the old Maru from before Queen Dagmar's family took over the throne and ruined the land.

She was at some point married to Malfus, but he left her.

When first seen in "The Disenchantress", Bean encounters her and the Crones in the streets of Maru. Prudence is thrilled to see Bean and begins to kiss her boots while begging her to save Maru. This however scares Bean and she runs away from the Crones. Prudence also ends up scratching Bean's arm.

Shortly after these events, Emperor Cloyd and Becky the Enchantress had Prudence's arms cut off so they could use them to transform people into Goons.

Prudence is not seen again until "The Stience of Homemade Lightning", when Bean and King Zøg encounter her after crash landing in Maru with their hot air balloon. Prudence is more calm this time and actually takes time to explain Bean what happened to Maru. Bean, who by now has discovered her magic powers and who brought Prudence's arms with her as potential weapon, uses her magic to give Prudence her arms back. Prudence and the Crones proceed to train Bean to help her learn to control her magic, but the training is not succesful. It is only after they lock her outside the gates of Maru and a sandstorm hits that Bean finally gets control over her powers.

As Prudence hoped, Bean then uses her powers to defeat Cloyd and Becky and destroy the palace of the Maru Royal House, restoring the land to it's former glory.