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Queen Bunny is the queen of Bentwood, the younger sister/wife of King Lorenzo I, and the mother of the Prince Guysbert and the Prince Merkimer.


At one point she had to marry her own brother, King Lorenzo and together they had two sons; their first born, Guysbert, who was Bunny's favorite despite the fact that he suffered some sort of mental problem due to his parents being siblings, and the second son, Prince Merkimer, who was just as selfish and uncaring as his parents.

She and her husband arranged for her first-born son to be married off to Queen Bean in order to obtain the unknown power that lies beneath Dreamland until Guysbert gets himself impaled on a throne made of swords while trying to reach for the ring that Bean slapped from his hand. Instead of trying to help Guysbert, the siblings and Zog then arranged for Bean to be married off to Guysbert's younger brother instead and almost succeeded until Elfo tricks him into drinking his blood that was mixed with pig's blood, resulting in Merkimer turning into a pig and the pig who Bean took the blood from turning into Merkimer, which doesn't faze Bunny in the slightest. After Bean talks her father out of forcing her into an arranged marriage, him and King Lorenzo engage in a fist fight while Bunny watches.

After that, Bunny and her husband return empty handed to Bentwood, upset that they lost the chance to obtain the unknown power from Dreamland instead of the loss of their children and their lineage seemingly ending.

In "Beanie Get Your Gun", she and her husband are seen attending Derek's wedding in Dreamland's Cathedral.

She is seen again in "Hey, Pig Spender" when Bean, Elfo, Luci and Merkimer come to Bentwood with the pig that now has Merkimer's body. They try to trick the king and queen into believing Merkimer is human again in hopes that they will give Dreamland the money and weapons they desperately need. However, Lorenzo and Bunny refuse, and Merkimer makes no attempt to help Bean. Then the pig reveals he has learned to talk, and uses the fact that he now resembles Prince Merkimer to stage a coup against Lorenzo and Bunny. Bunny is last seen locked up in the dungeons of the Bentwood royal palace. It is unknown what became of her after Bean, Elfo, Luci and Merkimer escaped Bentwood after killing Pig-Merkimer.

Lorenzo and Bunny also appear in the story "Now Luci Him, Now You Don't" in Disenchantment: Untold Tales Vol. 1, which is chronologically set sometime during Season 1, Part 2, after "The Dreamland Job". They come to visit the royal family of Dreamland for the weekend, and Zøg insists Bean must host their stay in an attempt to make amends for what happened to their sons. Unfortunately, dinner is interrupted by Elfo, who has been convinced by Luci that he is invisible and tries to have some fun. His obnoxious behavior leads to a heated argument between Lorenzo and Zøg. Enraged, Bean orders Luci to fix the mess he caused. Luci thus serves the royals a drink that puts them to sleep, after which they send the sleeping Lorenzo I and Bunny back to Bentwood.


Bunny has blonde hair done in an updo, almond shaped eyes and plump lips. She wears a pink dress and headdress that consists in a bluebird cage.


She does not seem to care about anything or anyone other than riches, power and her husband. She does not even react when she loses both of her children, even her favorite son, who died a gruesome death. The only person she seems to get along well is her husband. The two frequently engage in public displays of affection.