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Not that much. Actually, pretending to care about your feelings was exhausting. And I no longer have to call you darling.

Dagmar is the Maruvian-born former queen of Dreamland, ex-wife of King Zøg, mother of Queen Bean, and the main antagonist of Disenchantment. She seeks to use her daughter to unleash dark magic to remake the world in her own image.

After her defeat at Bean's hand, she is hanged from the cliff near the Dreamland castle for eternity by Satan as punishments for her misdeeds and her ill-treatment toward him.


Queen Dagmar is a woman with voluminous, waist-length white hair and almond shaped eyes. She wears an elegant royal blue dress with a turquoise sleeveless top and a revealing crimson corset. She wears a choker necklace with a large gemstone.

After going back to Maru, Dagmar usually wears an off-the-shoulder dress, with cleavage that is shaped like the symbol of Maru, and a crown. She seems to insist on dressing in quite revealing clothes, especially after leaving Dreamland.


Early Childhood[]

In The Disenchantress, it is shown that Dagmar was born into the royal family of Maru as the firstborn child and eldest daughter. She has a younger sister, Becky, and two younger brothers, Cloyd and Jerry.

In their youth, Dagmar, Becky and Cloyd screwed the Ritual crown on Jerry's head, giving him permanent brain damage. At the age of nineteen, she murdered both her parents for unknown reasons. In fact, she lied to Bean that they died in a double murder and suicide.

Maru had an unknown prophecy involving an unborn child, who was going to be brought to this world from two royal families (One side of the Maru royal family, and the other side of the Dreamland royal family), and later grow up to be sacrificed in a ritual to pay off the debts to Hell that Maru owed, due to prior bargaining with the Underworld. The prophecy involved a crown that is screwed onto one's head. At one point Dagmar, Cloyd and Becky tried to screw the crown on Jerry's head but it didn't work and left Jerry with permanent brain damage so Dagmar was sent on a mission to Dreamland to get married into the other royal family and give birth to a Princess so that the prophecy could be fulfilled.

Life with Zøg[]

According to her ex-husband, Dagmar was the daughter of a noble from a faraway land. However, her servants from her homeland refer to her as their queen so it's possible she misled Zøg about her origin. She first met Zøg at a tournament where he instantly fell in love with her.

IMG 20200423 145451 630

The two soon married and seemlingly had a happy life together, and their lives became even happier when Dagmar gave birth to their first and only daughter, Princess Tiabeanie Mariabeanie, named after Dagmar's grandmother and nicknamed Bean by her family and friends. As a mother, Dagmar took good care of Bean and carried out actions like nursing Bean herself and whispering to her daughter that she will be the greatest woman Maru has ever seen before she drifted off to sleep every night. However, Dagmar's appearance as a loving mother and wife was all an act; she secretly despised Zøg, and was actually preparing Bean to be used to fulfill the prophecy. She frequently took Bean to the Crystal Cavern, supposedly to play with the Molemen but actually as part of her larger plan.

When Bean was four, Dagmar decided to get rid of Zøg. Taking advantage of the fact that Zøg's food taster was late one night, she ordered wine and grapes for the two of them and slipped a petrification potion in Zøg's wine. But as she got up to suggest making a toast, Bean rotated the tray so as to reach a grape, switching goblets in the process. This caused Dagmar to drink the poisoned wine intended for Zøg and as a result, she was turned to stone. Zøg shielded Bean from the sight, causing Bean to think that her mother died naturally, rather than being petrified.

Zøg, not knowing of Dagmar's treacherous nature, deeply mourned the loss of his wife. He had Dagmar placed inside the Church and lied to Bean that the statue that was really his wife was her memorial. Grief-stricken by the loss of his wife, Zøg vowed to create the Elixir of Life, believing it could revive Dagmar, completely unaware that she had tried to turn him to stone.


Dagmar spent the next 15 years as a statue, during which time Zøg remarried and his new wife, Queen Oona of Dankmire, gave him a son and heir to the throne of Dreamland, Derek. Without her mother around, Bean was primarily raised by her nursemaid Bunty and a group of drunks at local taverns. Lacking her mother's guidance, Bean grew into a rebellious teenager with a drinking problem which she attributes to her father.

After befriending an elf called Elfo, and a demon called Luci on her wedding day, Bean and gang went on a series of comedic misadventures. Since Elf blood was the key ingredient needed to create the Elixir of Life, Zøg saw Elfo as his chance to revive Dagmar. Elfo was kept around as a test subject for the Elixir but after repeated failures to create it, it was discovered that Elfo was not a pure-blood elf (His father being an elf but his mother's species remains unknown). Elfo was exiled, so Bean and Luci traveled to Elfwood where Elfo learned that he was only half-elf. Zøg's army had followed the trio to steal elf blood, which resulted in a battle. Though the trio helped the Elves defend their home, Elfo was shot by an arrow and died in Bean's arms.



Heartbroken and furious at her father for murdering her friend and selfishly seeking the Elixir, Bean disowned Zøg only to learn that Zøg was not trying to create the Elixir of Life to become immortal but to revive Dagmar. Zøg revealed that her mother's memorial was really Dagmar turned to stone. After being told the story of how this occurred, Bean was distraught by the thought that she was responsible for turning her mother to stone and created the Elixir using the Eternity Pendant (Which she had been obtained previously) and after grappling with the dilemma of who to revive - Elfo or Dagmar - Bean chose to revive her mother.

Revival and Betrayal[]

Upon her revival, Dagmar was elated to see her daughter fully grown while all of Dreamland was shocked to see their former queen alive. Zøg was overjoyed, but Dagmar's return created conflict with Oona: the queens even got into a fistfight at Elfo's funeral which resulted in Elfo's body being cast into the ocean. With all the Kingdom outraged at Oona, she vanished in the evening, while one by one the people of Dreamland began mysteriously turning to stone. Bean, Zøg, and Luci immediately suspected that Oona was the culprit but in truth, Dagmar had been turning people to stone using the same potion that she had tried to use on Zøg. Dagmar spent more time with Bean allowing mother and daughter to bond, however it was all manipulation to get Bean to trust Dagmar.

The evening of the betrayal, when Bean asked a crystal ball where Oona was, magic shot from her fingers. Dagmar brought Bean to a secret room hidden in a tower where she revealed to her daughter that this was the start of a great change. Shortly after this, Luci showed Zøg what the crystal ball had recorded on that fateful night 15 years ago: Dagmar had poisoned the wine meant to turn him to stone. Horrified and angered by his wife's treachery, and after Luci showed Zøg the secret room, he confronted Dagmar. Dagmar told Zøg that this was beyond anything he could imagine: a dark battle of 100 centuries (10,000 years) and Bean's destiny. With that she kicked Zøg down the stairs and unleashed her potion on all of Dreamland, turning all but a few souls to stone. Those who survived were Zøg, Vip, Vap, Derek (Who had been sealed in the tallest tower for his safety) and Luci (Who was apprehended by an Dagmar) as well as Dagmar and Bean who leaped into the sea and were brought aboard a ship filled with goblins, orcs and other monsters who called Dagmar their queen and set sail for her homeland.

Fulfilling The Prophecy[]

Maru needed to fulfill a prophecy to hell and it turned out that Dagmar needed Bean to fulfill this prophecy by screwing a crown to her head and making her wear a specific dress to pay off the debt Maru owes to Hell.

IMG 20200423 151409 586

Dagmar holding the crown

However, Jerry goes in Bean's place while she goes to search for Luci, once Dagmar, Cloyd, and Becky realize that they don't have Bean they search for her and almost catch her. After Bean manages to escape the room, she accidentally throws a candle into a room that's covered in a pool of flammable liquid where Dagmar is standing. The whole room explodes knocking Bean backward.

"Saving" Bean[]

IMG 20200423 151836 227

Dagmar greeting Bean, Elfo and Luci

After Bean, Luci and Elfo are being burned at the stake as part of Odval's conspiracy to dispose of both Bean and Zøg and rule the kingdom through Derek, Dagmar, who by now had managed to take control of the Trøgs by making them believe she was the savior from their legend, had her new subjects create an escape hole under the stake causing Bean, Luci, and Elfo to fall into the hole underground, saving their life. Bean is shocked that her mother is still alive.

Bean, Elfo and Luci attempt an escape her but it's pointless as the tunnels of Trøgtown are a maze. As the yare forced to stay, Dagmar tries to convince Bean she has changed for the better, and that she wants to "repair" their relationship. Bean remains skeptical however, and her suspicions are proven right when she catches Dagmar in the act of eating the brain of the Trøg Yugo. To escape, Bean exposes Dagmar to the Trøgs as a fraud. The Trøgs capture her, but Dagmar uses her magic to teleport away, escaping once again. She then appears in a dream of Bean and tells her that she will be alone with her to take care of her.

When King Zøg begins to descent into madness after he was burried alive by the Arch-Druidess, Dagmar, posing as the owner of the Ventriloquist Dummies Shop, sells him the ventriloquist dummy Freckles to speed up his increasing insanity.

Marriage in Hell[]

Hell wedding

Dagmar becoming Queen of Hell

At the end of Season 2 Part 1, after Elfo has just sacrificed himself to the Ogres to stop their attack on Dreamland, Dagmar returns and takes Bean to a cathedral in Hell to marry Satan to pay off the debt to Hell. Bean naturally tries to get out of the marriage but she forces her anyway. At the altar, Dagmar takes Bean's hand and uses the dagger to cut her hand as the marriage contract must be signed with the bloody handprint of both the King of Hell and the Queen of Dreamland. At the last moment however, Bean pulls her hand away and Dagmar cuts her hand with the latter forcing her hand on the contract thus marrying her off to Satan instead.

Dagmar however immediately slips into her new role as the Queen of Hell, and begins to order the demons around. In the episodes after this, she keeps haunting Bean's dreams. These dreams ultimately turn out to be another plot of her to create an evil double of Bean. This Bad Bean succesfully manages to take over the real Bean's body, trapping the real Bean in the dreamworld, but with Luci's help Bean is able to escape and confront her evil double. Just after Bean has decapitated Bad Bean, Dagmar and Satan arrive in the castle. Bean pretends to be Bad Bean and at first seems to succeed, but Dagmar sees through the act and throws Bean out of the castle into the Sea of Dreamland, seemingly killing her. Bean survives thanks to Mora.

Reign of terror[]

With Bean out of the way, and the rest of the royal family being trapped in Steamland (where they had been lured to by Freckles), Satan and Dagmar take over Dreamland Castle. It is clear from the start that Dagmar is the boss in their relationship and has turned Satan into a henpecked husband too afraid to stand up to her.

As the queen, Dagmar imposes a totalitarian rule over the country and begins to plan to resurrect Bad Bean so she can use her instead of the real Bean to fulfill the prophecy. Elfo, Luci, Bunty and Miri try to stall this plan as long as they can by hiding first the body and then the head of Bad Bean, but ultimately they fail and Dagmar succesfully revives her evil daughter. Dagmar discovers the real Bean is still alive when the latter defeats Cloyd and Becky in Maru, and sends them to Dreamland through the Oracle Fire. Dagmar doesn't bat an eye when Bad Bean finished the job and burns Cloyd and Becky alive.

With Bad Bean by her side, Dagmar plans to finally fulfill the prophecy and unleash the magic of Dreamland. Outside the Crystal Cavern, she is confronted by Bean and an army of rebels. In the fight that follows, Bean kills her evil counterpart, but unleashes the magic in the process. Bean's lover Mora is also fatally injured, and her death makes Bean too depressed to keep up the fight. Dagmar is thus free to take the released magic and gain more power than she had before. When Elfo, Miri and Luci attempt to stop her, Dagmar kills Luci. This enrages Satan enough that he abandons Dagmar and returns to Hell.

Defeat and Imprisonment for life in the cliff[]

Dagmar fate

Dagmar's eternal prison.

The news of Luci's death inspires Bean to confront Dagmar again. Their first fight ends with Dagmar victorious.

Following the fight, Dagmar returns to Trøgtown, where she learns the secret of the Trøgs; they removed their brains to gain immortality, and feed on the magic infused waters of the cave. Bean follows Dagmar and a second fight results, that eventually takes them to the crystal cavern. Queen Oona also joins the battle, and slices the top of Dagmar's head off with her sword. Dagmar however thanks her, and promptly pulls out her own brain, giving her the same immortality as the Trøgs. She then screws the ritual crown on her own head.

This proves a mistake; with one last discharge of her lightning Bean zaps the crown, and all the crystals in the cave, destroying the magic, depowering Dagmar, and impaling her under a large crystal. Bean leaves Dagmar there. Dagmar can't free herself, and is unable to die due to having achieved immortality. Satan approaches her and offers her to rule in hell with him but she rudely rejects and tell him that she wants to be left alone without being bothered by anyone. Satan spitefully grants her wish by locking her alongside Freckles in the hanging cage near the cliff of Dreamland castle for eternity.


Dagmar possesses magic.

Her magical ability so far is the power to imprint her face in a flame when she created the trap hole to save Bean, Elfo, and Luci. She can also heal wounds, or at least erase scratch marks, like she does with Bean. She is also seen to survive the flames Bean unleashed in the basement of Maru's Palace. She also has a great knowledge of magic allowing her to brew a potion of petrification and fortify it to turn an entire kingdom to stone. When she settled down with the Trøgs under the town of Dreamland, she began to wear a plain-looking crown which actually turns out to be magical, or at least which serves to channel her powers because when Bean agrees to put the crown back on her mother's head, the latter loosens the ties that bound her and uses her powers to teleport elsewhere. She possesses decent hand-to-hand combat but her skill is lesser than Bean and arguably Oona.

In the final season, it is shown that, much like Bean, she also can fire deadly lighting bolt to disintegrate any living beings or short-circuit electronics but her lighting bolt is black and red while Beans is blue and black.

In her fight with Elfo, Luci and Miri, she showed the ability to create magical holograms of herself to confuse her opponents.

Afer Bean defeats her for the last time, Dagmar is stripped of all her powers.


Dagmar is able to convincingly present herself as a loving, caring woman, but it is all an act. Underneath this mask of kindness she is a cold, manipulative sociopath who cares about nothing but herself and just wants more power. Her evilness even outmatches that of Satan.



Queen Bean[]

Before Dagmar's betrayal, Bean always looked up to her mother and stated that Dagmar was everything she wanted to be even though she hadn't properly met her until she was nineteen and was too young to remember Dagmar when she had been turned into stone. Dagmar doesn't seem to love or care about her daughter at all, as she only birthed her to fullfill the prophecy. While Dagmar was abusive with Bean, Dagmar had a portrait of Bean that depicted her as the new queen of Maru painted before she even told Bean about the prophecy. And when Bean was still an infant, she did things like nursing Bean herself and would often tell her that she will be the greatest woman their kingdom had ever seen, possibly meaning that she truly believes Bean will succeed in breaking the curse.

Emperor Cloyd and Becky the Enchantress[]

They are Dagmar's younger siblings, who were left in charge of their kingdom in Dagmar's absence. Despite them doing as Dagmar says she seems to look down on them and seems to think they are useless. She eventually allows Bad Bean to kill them.


He is Dagmar's youngest brother. Despite this, Dagmar never really cared about him at all and went as far as to kill him for helping Bean escape with no remorse at all. Once Jerry was revived, he cut off all ties with his siblings and sided with his niece instead.


While Dagmar doesn't seem to care about anyone in her family, it is implied that she at least has some respect for her grandmother Mariabeanie since Dagmar named her daughter Tiabeanie Mariabeanie after Mariabeanie.


Dagmar brought Freckles to life. When she sold him to King Zøg in "The Madness of King Zøg", she referred to him as her son, and indeed she does seem to consider him as such. Just like he considers her his mother. However, she has no love for him and only considers him annoying.

Love Interests[]

King Zøg (one sided)[]

Zog is Dagmar's ex-husband and the father of her only child, Bean. Zøg loved her very much but Dagmar simply used him to conceive Bean and tried to turn him into stone in order to take Bean with her to Maru and fulfill the prophecy but the tables turned when the toddler Bean accidentally switched the glasses and Dagmar was the one turned into stone for fifteen years. When Zog found out about Dagmar's true nature he grew to hate her, burned her portraits and moved on as best as he could.


Satan is Dagmar's last husband, who was originally intended to be her son-in-law in an arranged marriage with Bean until her daughter tricked her into marrying Satan instead. After this, Dagmar becomes demanding and impatient with Satan, who at one point tells Bean that he doesn't think he will last long with her mother. This is proven true when he leaves Dagmar in "Darkness Falls".

Cultural References[]

  • Dagmar of Bohemia (1188-1212): Queen Dagmar was a 13th century Danish queen.
  • Dagmar (1921-2001) (possible): Virginia Ruth Egnor was an American actress, model, and television personality. In the 1950s, the statuesque, busty blonde became one of the first major female stars of television.


  • Dagmar is the unexpected villain, which is revealed at the end of season one. However, she makes a point about the terms hero and villain being relative (In the same way as Big Jo does in S01E08) so her true agenda is yet to be fully revealed.
  • Like Bean, Dagmar likes the smell of wet grass and her favorite "food" is beer.
  • Dagmar snores.
  • Dagmar has innate magical powers that developed when she reached maturity. She appears to have passed these on to Bean.
  • As she is affiliated with the Maruvians, this suggests that she is more than a human.
    • This is known due to her possessing the same Infernal Amplifier potion which turns civilizations to stone as the Maruvians, who used the same potion against Cremorrah.
    • Also, her use of the word dark in a dark battle is a subtle callback to the Emperor and Enchantress who say they will need dark chairs to sit on while they wait for Luci to turn Bean to the darkness.
  • The fact that Dagmar has silver/white hair, which Bean inherits, reinforces the connection with Game of Thrones, and the House Targaryen, who too have silver/white hair as a family trait.
  • Dagmar is somewhat cannibalistic, as shown in Subterranean Homesick Blues, when she eats the Trøgs brains.


Bean: That's never happened before - the thing with my fingers.
Dagmar: As you reach maturity you will notice many more changes.
Bean: Duh, I already know...
Dagmar: This isn't a sex talk.
Bean: Oh. What kind of talk is it?
Dagmar: There are some things you need to know about yourself, Bean

Dagmar: You alone are the key to the future of this kingdom [Dreamland]. All you need is my guidance.
Bean: Really?