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Queen Grogda is the ruler of Ogre Valley and the wife of the King Brock up until the latter's demise. She is also the mother of Junior & Elfo.


Grogda is more benevolent than most Ogres, who are generally brutish warriors.


She first met Pops on the outskirts of Ogre Valley. He was a traveling candy salesman and she was returning with a boar she had killed. He was instantly taken with her and offered her candy, but she refused. Pops proceeded to wait at that same spot every day to offer her a different type of candy. Pops eventually decided to try giving her a specially made sour candy. She accepted it and the two started a discreet relationship. Eventually, Grogda became pregnant and the two decided to sneak out of Ogreland together.

The two ended up living together in the trees of the jungles and their son was born, with Grogda naming him Elfo so he would be proud of his heritage and thus, Elfo was born. When Elfo was a baby, she made him a needlepoint of the three of them as a family. Eventually, noticing the approach of gnomes, she had Elfo and Pops hide in the treehouse while she led them away. She managed to fight off most of the gnomes, but was shot with a flaming arrow to the chest before falling off a cliff, hitting her head on a rock and going unconscious. Upon waking up, she discovered that the arrow had been stopped by a candy box Pops had given her. By the time she reached the treehouse, it had already been burned down by the gnomes. finding two burned monkey corpses, she mistook them for Pops and Elfo. Believing her family to be dead, she saw no other option than to return to Ogreland and marry Brock, but always thought of Pops and Elfo.

When Elfo and Bean arrive to the Ogre Valley looking for berries that will cure the sick elfs, the Ogre Queen has them thrown in a dudgeon so that the ogres can eat them the next day. Elfo and Bean manage to escape and find the tree where the berries grow when the queen appears before them and asks where they come from but before Elfo can fully answer, they hear the other ogres who are searching for their prisoners. The Ogre Queen helps Elfo collect the berries and allows him and Bean to escape through a hidden tunnel. Before the Queen seals the tunnel's entrance she hears Bean say Elfo's name, and thus realizes her son is still alive.

In "The Good, The Bad, and the Bum-Bum", after Elfo is taken prisoner by the Ogres and brought back to their land, he finally learns from Grogda that she is his mother. Later in the same episode, Junior accidentally kills his father Brock after refusing to kill Elfo. Brock's death leaves Grogda free to reunite with Pops. At the end of "Goodbye Bean", she and Pops get married.


  • Many fans speculated that she is could be Elfo's mother due to her skin color, her nose being identical to Elfo's and her curiosity regarding his name. Plus, in the family portrait Elfo's father showed him a very young Elfo was seen holding what appeared to be a large hand with four fingers.
    • This was eventually confirmed in Part 4.