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I don't see problem. Your daughter feel useless because she is useless.

Queen Oona is a character in Disenchantment. She is the second ex-wife of the King Zøg, the mother of the Prince Derek, and the stepmother of the Queen Bean. Oona is a Salamander, and a member of Dankmire's royal family.

After the fall of Dreamland, she divorced King Zøg and became a pirate, becoming the infamous Pirate Queen.


Oona was born into the royal family of Dankmire and was married off to King Zog of Dreamland in an arranged marriage to end the war between the two kingdoms sometime after King Zog's first wife, Queen Dagmar, was turned into stone.

Soon after the wedding, Oona gave birth to their first and only son, Derek, who became the heir to the throne of Dreamland. Oona's and Zog's marriage were not a happy one, but they were still civil towards each other with Oona acting like the caring wife and proper lady she was expected to be. Despite this she wasn't anywhere near as popular as Zog's first wife, Queen Dagmar.

In addition to having a loveless marriage, Oona was also unable to bond with her stepdaughter, Bean. According to Oona, she tried to love her stepdaughter, but Bean rejected her.

After Bean managed to bring Dagmar back to life everybody in the Kingdom was overjoyed except Oona, who was ignored and disrespected.


Queen Oona is from Dankmire and shares in the pale green/blue skin complexion of her people. She also has a long, prehensile tongue. She has long black hair and wears makeup, including lipstick and eyeliner. Her expression is one of perpetual irritation. She wears a purple dress in her royal outfit.


Where is my simple girlhood dream of being greatest amphibian warrior?
— Oona expresses her true feeling as a miserable queen.

From the outside, Oona seems to behave like a typical queen: obedient and fulfilling the role of a baby-maker to procure an heir to the throne of Dreamland. However, deep inside, much like her stepdaughter, she hates and despises her role as the queen in a kingdom where women are second-rate as well as being in a forceful political marriage.

As a little girl, Oona dreams of becoming a mighty amphibian warrior showing that she is highly adventurous and free-spirited. Her dream is so strong that she is willing to fulfill it when she has a chance as shown when she divorces Zog and lives her life as a pirate queen.


As a Dankmarian, Oona has reptilian and aquatic traits including the ability to climb walls and breath underwater. After being a pirate, she demonstrates exceptional swordsmanship.



Prince Derek

Oona is Derek's mother. Their relationship so far has not been explored in detail but she appears to love him despite her leaving him behind to pursue her dream as a warrior, in this case is pirate life, although it's possible she left him in Dreamland since he is the heir to the throne. Additionally, Oona promised she could write to Derek, visit him, and bring him gifts.


Princess Bean

Oona was Bean's stepmother before she divorced Zøg. Oona claims that she made efforts to grow closer to her stepdaughter in the past and even tried to give Bean "the Talk" prior to her first arranged marriage. For her part, Bean seemed at times indifferent to her stepmother, at others bitter at Oona's and Derek's positions within her family. After Bean revived Dagmar, Bean treated Oona with nothing but contempt after she got into a fight with Dagmar, which made Oona furious and swore to get revenge on Bean along with everybody else who wronged her but she never carried through with her threat.

It is later shown that she is very much like Bean as she wishes to be a strong and independent woman in a world ruled by men and gender inequality as she dreams of becoming a mighty amphibious warrior woman. Before Oona left Dreamland, she offered Bean to come with her although Bean politely declined and the two parted on good terms.


King Zøg

Oona is Zøg's second ex-wife; the pair married sometime after Dagmar's petrification. Their relationship was general civil but unloving. Things eventually took a turn for the worse when Dagmar is resurrected as it is clear that everyone, including Zøg, prefers her to Oona to the point where Zøg considered killing Oona to get rid of her.

During her conversation with her pirate crew, she revealed that her marriage with Zøg was forceful and she described him as a fat sack, showing the seed of unhappy marriage from the very beginning. Furthermore, her hidden rebellious attitude in desiring to be a warrior making her life as a queen miserable.

When Oona managed to return to Dreamland, Zøg attempted to reconcile with her (most likely out of fear of being alone) but she rejected him and they divorced.

She returns to Dreamland after Zøg's assassination attempt and agrees to care for him with Bean when he is traumatized by being buried alive. We also learn that she was once in love with Yøg, Zøg's older brother who was murdered by the Seekers, and that she finds that Zøg has all of his dead brother's faults and none of his virtues.

Oona eventually went back to the sea since she didn't want her crew to think she was becoming weak and bid her former step-daughter and son farewell but despite her telling Derek not to follow her, he still jumped in the water and swam after her since he was tired of his father and half-sister avoiding him so Oona took him with her.


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  • Oona has shown behaviors reminiscent of amphibians and other animals, likely due to her race's amphibious roots. For instance, she can traverse walls in a slithery manner. She also sleeps upside-down from the rafters like a bat. She has even referred to herself as a newt when Bean called her a lizard.
  • Oona is a user of a drug called snakeroot.
  • Oona's accent makes her pronounce w like v. The sound th is pronounced like z and she also rolls her r.
  • Oona is an inversion of the wicked stepmother trope. The expectation is that she is the villain, but she turns out not to be that bad, not to mention that Bean and herself are very much in common in their mutual disgust of social expectation of women in Dreamland's society.
  • Oona is the only one in the kingdom to graduate from Kindergarten
  • Oona has difficulties having sex with men due to the tentacles, but she may be referring to testicles.
  • Oona is the first royal to turn to piracy.
  • Oona shares her name with The Queen of the Faeries and wife of Fionn mac Cumhaill of Irish folklore who was named Oona. "Oona" is an Anglicization of the Irish feminine name (Una), popular also in Finland. (Alternate spelling Oonagh).
  • Oona's appearance has been linked to Melania Trump by some critics.[1]


  • "I don't see problem. Your daughter feel useless because she is useless."
  • "You think I only came here to show I am better than you? Of course I do!"
  • "For years no one listen to me, even though I am the only one in whole kingdom to graduate kindergarten!"
  • "I realize, anchor not only thing holding me down. Arranged marriage, fat-ass, selfish husband, backward kingdom full of moron, they all imprison me. Where is my simple girlhood dream of being greatest amphibian warrior?"