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The Quelfolitos are a sapient species that live in a jungle on an island far away from Dreamland. They only appear in the comic "Disenchantment: Untold Tales Vol. 1" in part 3 of the The Magic Bean trilogy.


Quelfolitos are humanoid beings about the size of an Elf. They have lime green skin, purple hair, and noses that resemble bird beaks. They dress in simple loinclothes, or clothes made of leaves and feathers.


The Quelfolitos have left a big mark in their island, which they colonized. They live in rather primitive homes and their weapons consist mainly of blowguns loaded with darts containing a tranquilizing poison, and machettes. They speak in their own language which only Luci can also speak.

The tribe is lead by a chieftain, who is usually the eldest tribesmember and considered the wisest. The chieftain is considered a firm yet loving ruler, but he brooks no nonsense, not even for their god.

Their diet consists mainly of fruits, seeds, fish and eggs. Fermented fruit is their favorite, though it has the unfortunate side effect of causing dizziness or even blackouts, severly impacting their abilities as warriors. When not under the influence of fermented fruit, Quelfolito soldiers are known for their prowess with machettes.

An important aspect of their culture are the fire dances, which are mainly performed by the maidens, which is ironic as these maidens also usually dress in the most flammable of clothing. Fire dances are used to celebrate life or communicate with the Quelfolitos ancestors in the sky.


The Quelfolitos worshop the deity Quelfolito, aka the Great God of the Air, whom they believe will come down from heavens to walk among them for some time before ascending again.


  • In their native tongue, their name literally means "The Little Quelfos".
  • Their culture is largely inspired by those of the Aztecs and Incas.